Etsy Consultancy

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Selling on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace established to support small and medium-sized businesses and designers where handmade and personalized products are sold on etsy. It has options in many different categories such as digital products and antiques. It is also possible to sell products used in the production of other products, which we call intermediate products, on Etsy. You can reach new customers in different countries by selling on Etsy. You can open your workshop to the world! Vezuve adds value to the brands of manufacturers with its Etsy Consulting service.


Why Should You Sell on Etsy?

What Do We Offer?


While consulting for Etsy, we analyze the market in depth using 4 different software. By examining the comments of our competitors, we determine the features that customers are sensitive about the product. We see which of your products will be in higher demand and your estimated sales figures. Our aim is to plan our sales strategy as a result of this analysis.

How to create an Etsy store? As Vezuve, we perform the operations of securely opening your entire store, adding company and payment systems within the scope of Etsy consultancy service. In addition, we create the most interesting store design by preparing your company's logo, banner, story and store policies.

When you start working with us, we perform a SWOT analysis for your brand. We determine the strengths and weaknesses of your business, classify the opportunities and threats in the market and shape our future sales plans.

Etsy SEO work is the most important step that will make your store successful. In the listings we make, we target the most appropriate and competitive words for your products. We also create different keyword plans so that you can be visible in Google results.

The photo is the customer's first meeting point with the product. The most important subject that will be effective in the sales of your products on ETSY is the photographs. Therefore, this process should be carried out meticulously and professionally. We support you to create the most accurate photos and videos for your products.

If we look at how to make an Etsy listing; In this section, we define options such as titles, descriptions, tags, options and variations. We create a performance-oriented listing that will enable you to come to the fore in the market and increase your clicks and sales.

Etsy cargo integration is an Etsy cargo plan before doing it, a different packaging and cargo work may be required for each product. In addition, since we will not only sell our products to the US market, we also manage the customs conditions of other countries on your behalf. With the discounted prices we get from our partner carrier companies, we ensure that you deliver the products to your customers at the most affordable prices.

Pinterest and Instagram are the 2 most important social media tools for ETSY to increase sales on Etsy. If your company does not have pages with English content, we create them on your behalf and we design your first content productions. We can also share your products on Etsy to your Pinterest business account so you can get extra traffic.

The advertising process on Etsy should be managed with the right keywords. Otherwise your advertising budget will be wasted. In addition, by using our giveaway teams living abroad, we ensure that you buy your products abroad and receive positive comments. In this way, the Etsy algorithm shows your store on first page. We increase traffic rates and sales in your store by creating your Pinterest ads.

By connecting your store to Google Analytics, we identify the countries and interests of users who visit your store. We list your store in different languages ​​besides English, such as German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, in accordance with the customer base demanding our product.

Being Successful on Etsy

Personalized Product

Personalized products have a special importance on ETSY. Customers are willing to order a unique product that is only theirs and pay more. If possible, offering this option to your customers in the products you sell will positively affect your sales.

Social Media Usage

ETSY customer pays attention to the social media accounts of the sellers. Before purchasing the product, he checks his accounts such as Pinterest and Instagram to see if he is an active seller. On the other hand, sharing regularly on your social media accounts will increase your communication with your customers and you will make free promotions for your new products.

Special Days and Holidays

ETSY users send gifts to their loved ones on special occasions such as graduation, new year's eve, christmas, hallowen and mother's day. These are the times when your sales will increase the most. Companies that can make personalized products are in a very advantageous position in these processes. Join ETSY and let them give meaningful gifts to their loved ones on their most important days.



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What Are Etsy Commission Rates?

There are several commissions you have to pay when selling on Etsy. The first of these is the $0.20 listing fee charged for each product. There is also a 6.5% sales commission for each sale.  For detailed information, you can check our blog post.


It is possible to open an individual seller account on ETSY with your identity and credit card information. However, after creating your store, we recommend that you establish your company and enter your tax number on ETSY. In this way, you can safely receive your payments abroad.

How Do I Manage My ETSY Ads?

Etsy’nin reklam yönetim paneli bulunmaktadır. Burada reklama açtığınız ürünleri düzenli olarak incelemeli ve reklam verilen anahtar kelimeleri analiz etmelisiniz. Ayrıca mağazanıza daha fazla trafik çekmeniz için pinterest ve instagram reklamlarını da aktif olarak kullanmanız gerekmektedir.

What is Etsy Giveaway and why is it needed?

Give-away: It is the prosess of sending your products in the target market area
to customers for free to get reviews.

Why is it necessary?

No sales in the store.
No comments to prove store reliability.
Selling in the highly competitive category and being behind in the algorithm.


Etsy is one of the rare platforms where you can sell digital products. On Etsy, it is possible to sell your drawings, personalized designs, mockups and many other products digitally. It is preferred by the sellers as there are no shipping costs.

What are the Success Criteria on ETSY?

1- Brand Perception:
Positive comments about your brand
will increase trust.

2- Active Social Media Management

You must share your products on Pinterest and Instagram to get traffic.


3- Fast Shipping

Customers want to recieve their products as soon as possible. 
Also you must enter the tracking number.


4- Correct Pricing

Your prices should not be higher than your competitors. You must set a competitive pricing.

What Do We Offer in Etsy Market Analysis?

Product Image Analysis:
We offer suggestions by examining best selling
images of your competitors product shots. 

Profit Margin Analysis:
We calculate net profit margin for you.


Sales Volumes:
We set our goals by examining the volumes and sales in the market.


Cost Calculation:
We analysis your profit margin by analyzing production, shipping, advertising and your commission costs.

Open Your Brand to the World in 2023!

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