Selling on Ozon Russia

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Online Commerce on Ozon Global

Ozon Global Online Commerce platform is a Russia-based marketplace. It has an active user base of over 46 million. Ozon Global has recently taken important steps to bring sellers to the platform. The marketplace, which has 95% of its website from Russia, also receives orders from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia. Businesses that will sell from Turkey can export their products to Russia. Payments vary in Rubles or Dollars depending on the seller’s preference. As Vezuve, we manage all store opening and subsequent online commerce operations on Ozon on behalf of your company.

New Customers in the Russian Market

Why Should You Sell on Ozon?

Advantages of manufacturers when exporting to the Russian market with Ozon


Easy shipping

The cargo company will take care of customs clearance in Russia.


Easy Payment

When selling on Ozon, you do not have to take payment only in rubles. You can also receive your payments to your dollar account. Finally, the marketplace has low commission rates for sellers.


Reaching New Markets

You can move your online commerce network abroad by entering the Russian market. The population in Russia is very prone to shopping via online commerce. Ozon has 30.7 million active customers


High Customer Confidence

Ozon is the oldest and most reliable marketplace in Russia. There is an extensive logistics distribution service in Russia. It also has a widespread cargo vending network throughout the country.

Why Russia?

It has a population fond of online shopping. This population often prefers to use the Ozon platform for shopping.

Why Ozon?

Ozon is the oldest and 2nd largest marketplace in Russia. The marketplace, which has 46 million active users, increased your order rates by 173% last year. It has gained the trust of the population in Russia.

Why Vezuve?

  • Russian language support
  • Domination of the Russian market
  • Ozon Authorized Service Provider
  • Uninterrupted Customer Support
  • Customs Clearance Support
  • Logistics Support
  • Advertising Management

What do we offer?


We analyze your product group and determine whether it is suitable for the Russian market. We also provide you with an approximate profit and cost analysis.

We carry out the necessary application process to create your seller account.

We list your products to appear on the foreground on Ozon. We upload your images in the standards accepted by Ozon.

On Ozon, we manage your campaigns, banners, brand shelves, store promotions and discount to increase your sales.

We determine the most suitable logistics company for your products and support you in the export processes.

We ensure that you receive your payments securely into your account. We also handle the communication with your customers and the Ozon team.



Businesses that want to operate on a monthly basis

Possibility to pay in 12 installments

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SMEs and workshops engaged in online commerce

Possibility to pay in 12 installments

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Ozon Frequently

Asked Questions

What will my logistics costs be?

Your logistics costs vary depending on the design of your product. For example, a 1-deci product is delivered to Russia for 9.5 Euros, and a 5-deci product is delivered to Russia for 28.30 Euros.

How can I receive my payments?

After you make your sales on Ozon, you receive your payments in dollars twice a month.

What is the customs exemption limit in Russia?

Products whose weight does not exceed 31 kilograms and whose customs fee does not exceed 200 euros can pass through Russian customs without paying any tax.

Can I advertise on Ozon?

There are 4 different ad types on Ozon. Banner, brand shelf, store promotion and campaign advertising. By using these 4 advertisements effectively, you can increase your brand awareness and increase your sales volume.

How will I communicate with my customers?

You need to communicate with your customers in Russian. Vezuve provides your customer management with e-commerce experts who speak Russian.

Open Your Brand to the World in 2023!

Pay after you open your store!

If you want, you can pay your package fee after you open your store.

Open Your Brand to the World in 2023!

Pay after you open your store!

If you want, you can pay your package fee after we open your store.

We are Ozon Global Official Partner

Ozon Global determines companies that have been subjected to various tests and that perform successful store management as authorized partners. Authorized Technology Partner offers technical and operational support to manufacturers who want to sell in the Russian market. It manages all e-export processes.