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Fruugo is a UK-based marketplace where you can cross-border e-commerce. You can reach customers around the world by selling on Fruugo. After listing your products in English, Fruugo automatically translates them into 28 different languages ​​and opens them for sale in other countries. No matter what currency your customers make the payment, you will receive payment in the currency of the country you are selling. You don’t need to open extra ads to sell on the marketplace. Fruugo uses some of the commission fees it receives from you to advertise your products. Vezuve manages all sales operations of your company on Fruugo.


Advantages To Sell On Fruugo

Advantages of European Manufacturers E-Commerce in the UK Market with Fruugo

Local Payment Systems

It allows you to receive payments in your own currency, no matter which of 31 different currencies your customers pay. For example, the payment made in Swedish kronor will be converted into TL and deposited into your account.

Automatic Product Translation

Fruugo automatically translates product titles and specifications in 28 different languages ​​so that your products can be understood in the local languages ​​of different countries.

No Sales No Commissions

Fruugo has no store opening or product listing fees. You only pay commission at the determined rates from the sales you make successfully.

Market Data

Fruugo provides you with market insights about the product line you want to sell. In this way, you can evaluate your future plans.

Product Shipment from Turkey and other European Countries

After registering with your business in Turkey, you should also make your product ships from Turkey. You do not need to keep stock in warehouses abroad.

Free Product Ads

Fruugo advertises your products in over 40 countries for free. You do not need to pay any additional fees. Your ads are shown to customers who search for the products you sell on google.


Export to the UK and the World

Reach new customers in Europe

Why Export to the UK?

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The United Kingdom is the world's 5th largest economy. It also has the largest market in terms of e-commerce volume after America and China. The foreign trade volume between Turkey and the United Kingdom reached $19 billion in 2021. 99% of its population uses the internet and has a segment of customers accustomed to shopping from e-commerce.

Why Fruugo ?

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Thanks to Fruugo, you can easily sell to 46 different countries through a single platform. When selling on Fruugo, you do not need to establish a company abroad. You do not need to keep stock in intermediate warehouses abroad. You only pay a commission fee to the marketplace as you make sales. It also provides maximum protection to sellers against fraudulent activities.

Why Vezuve ?

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  • UK Company
  • Fruugo store management experience
  • 7/24 Customer Support
  • Clearance Support
  • Logistics Support
  • Easy payment options
  • Support to get UPC Barcode
  • Live project management platform
  • 360 degree e-export solutions
  • Team of Foreign Trade, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing experts

Selling Steps on Fruugo

1- UK Market Research

Before we start selling, we determine the suitability of your products for sale on Fruugo. We also decide on the audience that has the potential to buy your products. We calculate your profit margin.

2- GTIN Number

We provide the necessary European Union compliant barcode numbers (EAN) to sell on Fruugo. The authorized institution to provide these barcodes in Turkey is GS1.

3- Store Opening

At Fruugo, we perform your company registration and seamlessly manage your store opening process. We ensure that your payments are deposited securely in your account.

4- Listing the Products

We list your products in accordance with the Fruugo ranking algorithm and ensure that your products appear in the front rows. We provide the necessary integration for your product installation.

5- Editing Product Images

We update your product images in accordance with Fruugo policies. We increase conversion rates by preparing infographic images.

6- Shipping Support

As your order arrives, your products are shipped with Fruugo contracted companies. Delivery to your customers as soon as possible. We also manage your returns and customer support processes for you.

Fruugo Statistics


Marketplace Traffic

The Fruugo website had a total of 240 million visitors in 2021.


Number of Sellers

As of 2021, there are 2100 retailers.


Number of products

There are 42 million SKUs for sale on the Fruugo marketplace.


Order Amount

In 2021, 7.9 million products worth 340 million pounds were sold.



The platform offers product options to customers in more than 42 countries in 28 different languages.


E-Export Rate

80% of sales on Fruugo occur as cross-border e-commerce. Customers buy products from vendors in different countries of the world.

Requirements To Sell On Frugo

We provide you with the best quality and correct service, saving you time and cost.

GTIN barcode numbers

You must have unique product barcodes to sell your products. You will need EAN, UPC barcodes for Fruugo to send traffic to your products.

International Shipping

You must open your products for sale in at least 3 countries. You must provide the customer with a tracking number by shipping the products you have opened for sale within 1 week at the latest.


You must use integration service providers to upload your products to Fruugo. You can also upload your products with an excel file.

Product Images

Your first product image should have a white background and not contain any logos or text. Your other images can be prepared as infographics.

Registered Company in Turkey

To be able to sell on Fruugo, you must have a legitimate business registered with the chamber of commerce.

Detailed Product Informations

You should upload as much descriptive product information as possible to users on Fruugo. In this way, your products will become more visible in searches.

Success Criterias

Active Exporting Company
0 +
Store Opening
1 +
Daily Cargo Number
100 $K+
Created Value