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Why is Vezuve Founded ?

It was established with the vision of allowing our Vezuve SMEs to enter the e-export market and to introduce our handicraft arts to the world. Our goal is to increase the popularity of our products around the world, enabling our customers to earn foreign currency and gain a sustainable business model.

Why Choose Us ?

Global Selling

High Profit Margin

Digital Enterprises

Customer Satisfaction

Vezuve Team

You can reach our team and send your questions.

Seyda Nur Erdoğan

Brand Manager

Beray Akdeniz

Human Resources Manager

E ihracat danışman, ankara e ihracat danışmanı

İrem Durak

Foreign Trade Intern

Hilal Özdeş Karakuş

Social Media Manager

Amazon Uzmanı , amazon satış uzmanı

Buğra Güngör

Marketing Director

Pınar Topal

Foreign Trade Expert

en iyi seo uzmanları ile bir araya gelmiş deneyimli seo uzmanı ankara seo uzamnı olarak dünya çapında seo uzmanı ve yurt dışına yönetik e ticaet seo uzmanı dalında çalışıyor. kadın seo uzmanı olarak rakiplerinden bir adım önde iş götürüyor

Aleyna Keleş

Digital Marketing Specialist

Doruk Koyuncu

E-Export Assistant Specialist

Aybikem Kozan

E-Export Specialist

Ahmetcan Bölcek

Customer Relationships


Our mission is to open the production potential of our country to the world and to bring our SMEs and craftsmen to the places they deserve. Vezuve aims to brand SMEs in the field of e-export.


Our vision is to represent our brand in the international field as one of the companies that contribute the most to increase the export volume of Turkey and Europe. With Vezuve, Made of Turkish products will be able to reach all over the world.

Online Marketplaces Consulting

  • Amazon Consulting
  • Aliexpress Consulting 
  • Etsy Consulting
  • Zalando Consulting
  • Trendyol Consulting
  • Consulting
  • Allegro Consulting
  • Ozon Consulting
  • Fruugo Consulting

Our Services

E-Commerce Website

We build fast and efficient websites for your ecommerce business. Start opening your shop to the global!


ETSY Consulting

Thanks to our Etsy Consulting service, you can start selling your handmade and personalized products all over the world. Let Vesuve manage the whole process for you.


Amazon Consulting

You can start selling your products in the European and American markets with the FBA system on Amazon. Vezuve manages the whole process on your behalf, from store opening to cargo delivery.


Zalando Consulting

Start selling in Europe's largest fashion category marketplace. You can exhibit your products in 24 different countries. Discover Zalando with Vesuvius!


B2B Export Consulting

For companies that want to increase their exports abroad and enter new markets, we conduct the necessary market research and ensure that they reach potential customers.


Digital Marketing Management

We manage your ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to increase your brand awareness and reach potential customers. Avoid unsufficient ads!


Core Values

Creating Value for Our Customers

Our priority is always to reveal the difference of our business partners in the intensely competitive market and to bring them to the fore.

International Perspective

Our aim is to bring Turkish products to the whole world and to ensure that our SMEs exceed their limits.

Aiming for the Best

We always aim to be the best in any sector and we work for our business partners to be the best.

Reliable and Transparent Relationships

Craftsmen and SMEs are the most important link in the supply chain of the countries. All our relations with them will be completely transparent and within the framework of trust.

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