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E-Commerce on Allegro Marketplace

Allegro is Poland’s 1st and Europe’s 5th largest online marketplace. You can shop from Allegro from 25 different European Union countries. The platform has over 22 million monthly customers. It is the most valuable company listed on the stock exchange in Russia. 80% of e-commerce volume in Poland occurs through Allegro. The platform also offers extra support such as 0 commission to beginner sellers. Allegro provides fulfillment solutions to its sellers, so that they can continue their commercial activities without taking on extra responsibilities.

New customers in the Eastern European market

Advantages of Selling on Allegro

Advantages of producers when exporting to the Polish market with Allegro


Wide Product Market

There are 135,000 businesses selling on Allegro. It achieved sales of 42 billion zlotys in 2021. ($8.5 billion) There are 250 million products on the platform. You can highlight your products by advertising on Allegro.


Seller Welcome Program

Once you create a professional seller account with Allegro, you are exempt from sales commissions up to a monthly turnover of 10,000 zlotys. This support program continues for 3 months. Additionally, there is no membership fee to the platform.


High Customer Trust

Allegro is among the most trusted Polish brands. It has 87% brand awareness in the country. It has 5 million members registered in the “Allegro Smart Delivery” system.


Fulfillment Options

VAT-registered sellers in Poland can ship their products to Allegro’s warehouses and manage their orders from there. You can gain satisfaction by delivering fast shipping to your customers.

Why Poland?

Poland is among the fastest growing economies in the European Union. It is currently the 6th largest economy in the European Union. The country imported 250 billion dollars in 2021. Türkiye exports 4.6 billion dollars annually to Poland. A large portion of the population makes e-commerce purchases.

Why Allegro ?

Allegro is the oldest and largest marketplace in Poland. The majority of e-commerce sales in the market occur through Allegro. Allegro Smart Delivery provides free delivery to its members. Annual sales of 8.5 billion dollars are made on the platform. It offers 0 commission support to new sellers.

Why Vezüve ?

  • VAT registration in Poland
  • Polish language support
  • Domination of the Polish market
  • Uninterrupted Customer Support
  • Logistics Support
  • Advertising Management
  • Foreign Trade Experience in the Sector
  • Fulfillment warehouses

What do we offer?


We analyze your product group and determine whether it is suitable for the Polish market. We also provide you with an approximate profit and cost analysis.

We carry out your VAT (Tax) registration in Poland.

We complete the necessary application process to create your Allegro seller account. We enable you to benefit from discounted commission rates.

We list your products so they appear prominently on Allegro. We upload your images to the standards accepted by Allegro.

On Allegro, we manage your banner and sponsored product advertising campaigns to increase your sales. We ensure you get high efficiency at low costs.

We make your product images comply with Allegro standards. We prepare infographic visuals where we highlight the superior features of your product.

Thanks to our warehouse partner in Poland, you have a location where you can store your products.

On Allegro, your account health must be checked regularly and required performance metrics must be met. If your seller performance score drops too low, it will result in store closure. The store health of our producers working with Vezuve always remains at optimum level.

We determine the most suitable logistics company for your products and support you in the export processes. We deliver your products safely to Allegro's warehouses in Poland.

We ensure that you receive your payments securely into your account in Turkey. We also handle the communication with your customers and the Allegro team.



Businesses that want to operate on a monthly basis

Possibility to pay in 12 installments

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SMEs and entrepreneurs that will open to foreign markets

Possibility to pay in 12 installments

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Allegro Frequently

asked questions

Do you need to establish a company in Poland?

You do not need to have a legal entity in Poland to sell on Allegro. However, if you want to keep your products in Allegro’s fullfillment warehouses, you must register for VAT in Poland.

What will my logistics costs be?

Your logistics costs vary depending on the design and weight of your product. However, if you send your products in bulk to Poland and check out the cargo from there, your costs will decrease.

How will I communicate with my customers?

You can communicate with your customers via the Allegro seller panel. You may need staff who speak Polish.

Can I advertise on Allegro?

You can make your products appear more prominently by placing sponsored and display ads on Allegro.

Is there a membership fee?

You do not pay any membership fee when creating your store, only a commission fee of 5-15% is charged from your sales. You don’t pay any extra product listing fees. There are also modules you can purchase to access different management panels in your account.

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