E-Export Suitable Website Setup

Online Commerce Store Infrastructure Setup

Although Export website setup and marketplaces will facilitate your processes in the first stage, it will be more advantageous to carry out online commerce with your own website after your brand is recognized in the target country. The first thing you will do to set up a website for your brand is to choose an online commerce infrastructure that suits your needs. The aim of many online commerce infrastructure providers is to facilitate online commerce processes and enable you to sell online. Online commerce websites are your brand’s digital stores.

Advantages of Online Commerce with Your Own Website

Reach new customers domestic and abroad with your online export compatible website


Zero Commissions, Full Earnings

You pay a commission to the marketplace for every sale you make in marketplaces such as Walmart and Amazon. As sales volumes increase, these commissions turn into serious figures. When you set up your own website, the revenues of your sales will be yours directly, and you will be able to put your products that you sell at higher prices because of commission, at their own prices.


Brand Reachability

Online commerce websites expand the reach of your products. You can open your store to the whole country and even to the whole world and exhibit all of your products without incurring any cost. Your brand and products can only reach people passing by that store from a small physical store. Websites for everyone!


Free Management

When you sell from your website, you can create your own advertising, marketing and campaign activities, and you can design a site suitable for your target audience and products. You can define hourly campaigns and special discounts for cities.


Expanding Abroad

By establishing an online commerce site, you can sell to Europe or to America. Thanks to advanced payment infrastructure and logistics processes, you can open all your products to the world from your website and earn foreign currency income.

Online Marketplaces vs Online Commerce Sites

Traffic Rates

Marketplaces already have a traffic. The marketplace advertises itself It is difficult for a newly established online commerce site to reach high traffic (user visits) in a short time.

Brand Trust

Customers are more comfortable and trust in marketplaces. • Customers may hesitate to pay for a brand they first encounter.

Investment Cost

The cost of creating an export and online commerce site for yourself will be higher than if you open a store in the marketplace. Because marketplaces offer you many transactions ready-made.

Commission Payment

Marketplaces take commissions from the sales you make. All of the sales you make on your own website are up to you.

Return Processes

In marketplaces, the customer is always right. You often encounter unfair returns. You do not have to accept returns other than the legal return processes and conditions for the sales you make from your website.


Marketplaces are more competitive. In order to bring your brand to the forefront, you should do various launch activities. You have no competitors on your own website, only your products compete with each other.

What Do We Offer?

Online Commerce Site Setup Roadmap

Each country may have different user dynamics. We determine the customer group that your products address, (such as "women, between the ages of 18-35, working, mother"), we choose the market where this audience is high and competition is low.

The speed and integration features of your website are very important for e-export. That's why we choose the most suitable infrastructure provider for you, where you will not have any problems with processes such as payment and cargo in your target country. 

We carry out localization studies of your website for the target market. We create lists suitable for the language and culture of the country you are selling, and we create your site design with colors, titles, fonts and images that are compatible with your target audience.

Although there are global payment tools such as Paypal and wise, there are different payment habits in each region such as Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America and Gulf countries. Your website must provide the most used payment option in that region.

E-commerce users like when you remember their special days and make small gestures to them. In this way, a brand image that values ​​its customers will be felt and their loyalty will increase.

Good organization of return and storage processes is necessary for your export activities to progress in a sustainable and efficient manner. As Vezuve, we ensure that you move forward with the best fulfillment providers in the target country.

How should a website be suitable for export and digital marketing?

We offer a 360-degree user experience

Country Based Product Display

The demand for all the products you sell in each country may not be high, or you may have produced products specific to the user group of that product. It must contain a coding that prevents these products from being available to all countries.

Regional Price Management

Due to exchange rate differences, we have to offer different prices in different regions. For example, the cost of the products we offer in Germany and the cost of an order from Norway will be different. Therefore, certain products should be priced on a country-by-country basis.

Marketplaces Integration

If we are also selling on Amazon UK or Ebay, stock management will be managed more efficiently by integrating our stores here with our export website.

SEO Optimization

Search methods may differ from country to country. Our website must be optimized in accordance with the local language of that country.

Region-based VAT and Customs Tariffs

If we are selling in many different countries, it is likely that they will all have different customs tariffs and VAT rates. Therefore, our website should be able to automatically calculate and show them to the user on a country basis.

IP Based Routing

Depending on the IP of the country where our customers are connected, products, pricing and shipping opportunities should be offered to the customer automatically. In this way, the rate of your customers leaving your website will decrease.

Return policy

If your potential customers abroad are not satisfied with the product, they want to know under which conditions they can return it. You should clearly include your return policy on your website.

Different Delivery Options

It is important that we offer different shipping options to our target audience abroad. We should be able to offer them options such as express shipping, economic shipping, late shipping, delivery to cargo vending machines, according to the country we sell to.

Multi-Language Option

Our website must have different language options in accordance with the countries we sell to.

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Who has to have a website?

Today, all businesses such as service providers, manufacturers, wholesalers and tradesmen must have an online commerce site. Brands that are not available do not go into growth.

How long does it take to build a website?

Opening speed, smooth mobile view, fast communication buttons, ease of payment, live product images, detailed product features pages, video promotions are absolutely necessary for a good website.

What are the essentials of a good website?

Açılış hızı,  akıcı mobil görünüm,  hızlı iletişim butonları, ödeme kolaylığı, canlı ürün görselleri, detaylandırılmış ürün  özellikleri sayfaları, video tanıtımlar iyi bir web sitesi için mutlaka gereklidir.

What are the benefits of the website?

With a quality website, you can reach potential customers and show your business in a quality and professional manner. Likewise, you can carry your brand to online platforms and increase your brand awareness.

Should there be a website while exporting?

Website is not mandatory for export. However, having a website in the country you want to hold on makes you more reliable. At the same time, as your customer traffic increases, you can avoid the commissions of the marketplaces by directing your customer base to your own website.

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