All actions taken to identify target markets, reach potential customers, research import tariffs, analyze competitors and manage the export process can be termed as intelligence. As Vezuve, we aim to determine the roadmap of our customers who want to make B2B sales, increase their export volumes and create added value.


Why Export?

Thanks to our export service, you can reach new customer groups in online B2B marketplaces and open up to new markets. Vezuve determines the most suitable target market for your products, makes competitor and price analysis, and enables you to establish long-term business relations with your customers abroad.

Promoting Your Brand to the World

Products of Turkish origin have a quality and appropriate customer perception. Increasing your exports contributes positively to your brand awareness

New Investments

Exporting companies can expand their businesses and increase their capacity. You can focus on R&D activities and produce products with higher added value

Advantageous Government Incentives

The export sector is among the areas in which the state supports and invests the most. Exporting companies are entitled to these incentives.

Foreign Exchange Earnings

Increasing raw material prices make it difficult for manufacturers to make sales in Turkey. You can make more profitable sales in foreign markets.


Outline of our export consultancy services

Company Situation Analysis

We determine the current status of your company and its position in the market and shape our roadmap accordingly. We do your SWOT analysis and take the necessary actions to strengthen your weak points. We determine your Key Performance Indicators.

International Portfolio

Thanks to being a multilingual company and our international connections, we enable you to communicate with the right people. Our aim is to enable you to make long-term partnership agreements rather than a one-time export.

Export Increase

Our manufacturers, who have just started exporting or are already actively selling, open your exports to new markets and enable you to establish a distributor and dealer network.

Strategic and Sustainable Planning

Before we start our intelligence work, we decide which countries you can get incentives from and which marketplaces are most suitable for your company. We aim to get the highest benefit at the highest cost.

Government Incentives

Our state offers various incentives to SMEs that want to open up to the foreign market, such as brand registration, rental support, advertising support, and fair support. As your exports increase, you can benefit more from these incentives.

Target Market Detection

Vezuve Export team makes detailed analysis of your products. We determine the most suitable target markets for you by examining the import volumes, foreign trade growth and customer behavior of the countries. In this way, we realize a more effective trade in a shorter time.

About Vezuve

Vezuve was established to facilitate the entry of SMEs and their producers into the export market and to introduce Turkish origin products to the world.

Our export consultancy service allows manufacturers to open up to the global market and make new investments. Vezuve determines the export roadmap of our manufacturers, introduces your company in the most suitable b2b marketplaces for your product group and manages the digital marketing processes abroad. Establishing an export unit is a costly business. Thanks to Vezuve, it is possible to increase your exports by focusing on your production without incurring high costs!

Things to when starting to export

What Does Vezuve Offer to Manufacturers?

Unlike companies that offer classical export consultancy, Vezuve also takes over the websites, social media and digital marketing managements of companies and makes a full-time inspect on target markets. Besides phone calls, e-mail marketing, and customer finding from platforms such as Linkedin, we enable customers to reach you by creating your accounts in many b2b marketplaces such as europages, compass, alibaba, industrystock. Thanks to the updates we have make on your website, we enable users to search for your product on google and appear in the front row. We reduce your costs by managing your advertising budget in the most efficient way. You will receive up-to-date information about the entire process from your assigned foreign trade consultant and you will receive monthly reports.

7/24 Support

Regular Reporting

%100 Confidence

Long Term Relationships


With its 5 years of experience, Vezuve only works with a team whose area of expertise is International Trade. We enabled dozens of our customers in 7 different regions of Turkey to enter new markets. By increasing the export rates of our applicant companies by 40%, we realized 3.4 million dollars worth of exports in 2021.

Export Achievements
Government Incentives
Management Consulting

Why Should You Get Export Support?

Companies that have goals and that want to carry their brand to the global market must receive export consultancy services from a professional team in order to be advantageous from the economic crisis. It is possible to get 60% and 70% of the fee you paid to our Export Consultancy service back from the state within the scope of Kosgeb Supports. In this way, you will have a team that works for you at a much more affordable cost than establishing your own export department. The purpose of Vezuve is not only to sell products abroad, but also to brand you in target markets and to create long-term loyal customer groups.

Export is the product of a teamwork where all targets are carried out in a planned manner.

Our Export Roadmap

1- Registration with the Exporters' Association

Before starting to export, we complete the registration of your company to the exporters' union. By determining the correct GTIP code of your product, it is checked whether there is a quota or restriction on its export.

2- Determining the Target Market

The aim in intelligence is to achieve higher efficiency by focusing on precise targets rather than wasting our strength on different targets. For this reason, we analyze all the data and decide on the most ideal market for our product.

3- SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a critical stage for the company. It helps us to reach the target by following the most accurate strategy by determining our Strengths and Weaknesses in the market. Your company's KPIs are determined.

4- Analysis of Competitors

You will have competitors in every market. By analyzing them well, you can identify their shortcomings and come to an advantageous position. One of the most strategic stages in entering the market is price analysis. The value of the product is determined in line with the prices of your competitors, your costs and your profit margin targets.

5- Market Entry Method

Direct import may not be the best method when entering a market. Methods such as distributorship, dealership, wholesaler, agents or public tenders may be more suitable for your product.

6- Import Restrictions and Tax Rates

Not all products can be sold in all countries. Many countries may not allow or limit the import of certain products in order to protect their producers.

7- Government Incentives

Our exporters constitute the segment that can benefit most from government incentives. Many expenditures such as market research, trademark registration, advertising expenditures, warehouse and store rents are within the scope of incentives. We also support our SMEs in this process.

8-Social Media and Marketing

More important than finding the customer is that the customer can reach you. In order to achieve this, we create our customers' social media accounts, sign up for B2B sites, and manage their ads on Google, Facebook, Youtube, if requested.

“Victory is for those who can say "Victory is mine". Success is for those who can begin saying "I will succeed" and say "I have succeeded" in the end.”
M. Kemal Atatürk
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