What is Suspend on Amazon?

When you try to open an account on Amazon, it means that your account is closed for processing as a result of an incompatibility or incorrect information entered. In addition, even if your account is opened, Amazon may suspend your account for various reasons related to your product. In this case, you cannot list any products and your store will no longer be visible.

Causes of Suspend

  • Errors when opening an Amazon Seller account: When opening a new account, you will encounter complex panels. If you do not know which information should be entered in which field, you are likely to make a mistake. For this reason, mistakes made in entering information while opening a seller account are the reason for Suspend.
  • Address errors : Giving an incorrect or different address is another important reason for Suspend. When registering on Amazon.com, address information is entered in three different fields. Address is recorded when opening an Amazon account, opening a virtual bank account in HyperWallet or Payoneer domains, and for credit card statement. While entering this address information, the same address information should be entered in each field up to the point. Even a typo can cause the account to be Suspended.
  • Logging into different Amazon accounts from the same computer: An interesting Suspend reason! If your current Amazon account is logged into a different Amazon account than the computer you log into, Amazon tracking systems will recognize the IP of the computer and detect that the same person is using two different accounts. This is the reason for Amazon Suspend. So if your account gets blocked out of the blue, consider this possibility! For this reason, it is an important criterion not to open an Amazon account different from the computer you log in to an Amazon account.
  • Fake or duplicate accounts: Fake or duplicate accounts also have an important place among the reasons for Amazon Suspend. If there is more than one account belonging to the same person when opening an Amazon account, the second account or accounts with the same name will be Suspended. For this reason, it is important to choose the Amazon Seller account name carefully and to scan before registering the name. If the same information has been entered into more than one account, the account will be suspended when it is noticed during the Amazon team’s investigations.
  • Insufficient invoices: It is an important reason for Suspend that Amazon does not consider the invoice you present to the customer sufficient. In some cases, Amazon may request invoices for the products you sell. Your Amazon account will be suspended if you fail to submit an invoice to Amazon or if the invoice you submitted is deemed insufficient.
  • Certification issues: Some of the products you sell on Amazon need to have certificates approved by the relevant authorities or approved by the authorities. Especially health products should be sold as certified. It must also be submitted when Amazon requests a certificate. If you don’t provide the certificates Amazon requests, or if the certificates are fake, you’ll be Amazon Suspended.
  • Branded and licensed products: Branded and licensed products have a certain price scale. If you sell such products cheaper than the market, this will attract Amazon’s attention. “Is he selling fake products?” question comes to mind. Amazon may ask you for license documents for these products and ask why you are selling them so cheaply. If you encounter such a situation and are unable to provide answers and documentation to Amazon’s satisfaction, your account will be suspended. This is actually Amazon’s justified measure for counterfeiting and fraud.
  • Delivery issues: Amazon is sensitive about timely delivery of orders. When you receive an order, you tell Amazon how many days to deliver. Your customers also shop by taking into account the delivery time of the product. If delivery is not made on time and this happens frequently, your account will potentially be Amazon Suspended.

Other Amazon Suspend reasons are as follows;

  1. not paying for your Amazon store,
  2. Frequent cancellation of orders due to problems such as stock,
  3. Credit card not available for international use,
  4. Failure to verify the authenticity of documents submitted to Amazon.

How to Remove Suspend on Amazon?

Being Amazon Suspend is a problem; but it is not an insoluble problem. All you have to do is play the game by the rules on Amazon! This is an important reason that makes Amazon Amazon. Amazon, which has such strict rules when opening a seller account and in the next process, thus gains the trust of the end consumer. Sellers also have to comply with these rules. So, how to solve the Amazon Suspend problem?

  • Record the address on the credit card statement in each address field when opening an account on Amazon.com.
  • Check the compliance of documents or requested paperwork with Amazon’s terms.
  • Make sure that documents such as credit card statements and invoices are legible and save them in PDF format in English.
  • Scan important documents such as IDs and passports in a legible resolution.
  • Check the accuracy of information in documents and the system, correct conflicting or incorrect information.
  • Contact a Seller Maintenance specialist after your account has been suspended. Before you can dispute with Suspend, you may need to make changes to the logistics, inventory, and procurement areas of your seller account.
  • If you are sure that you are following Amazon’s rules and your account is still suspended, report the problem to Amazon and find out where you went wrong.
  • Use a corporate English language to communicate with Amazon.

What You Shouldn’t Do to Uninstall Suspend

Don’t rush to appeal: Seller Performance researchers suspend thousands of sellers. Wait for the researchers to review the appeal! Do not rush your Amazon Suspend objections!Do not open a new account: If an account has been suspended, do not open a new account. Don’t try to fool Amazon with a different name and bank account. Otherwise, you will delay the recovery of your suspended account.

Don’t change invoices: Many suspended merchants change their current invoices to match Amazon’s wishes. But this method often does not work and harms the ongoing process related to the account. Even the slightest change can delay account recovery.

Do not threaten Amazon: Amazon may not immediately respond to messages from the owner of the suspended account. In such cases, some sellers may threaten Amazon through a lawyer. This will complicate things even more.

Do not use rude language: Do not use rude language when messaging Amazon after your account has been suspended. Amazon Seller Performance researchers will not put a premium on vulgar language.

Don’t blame Amazon processes: Amazon is a customer-centric company. It is consumer focused for all its terms and policies. You won’t get a positive result from any appeal that accuses customers. Amazon expects sellers to be familiar with all of its policies and guidelines. For this reason, blaming Amazon processes will not restore your account.

Don’t call Jeff Bezos: Some sellers email Jeff Bezos when his account is Amazon Suspend. But the department will review the e-mails sent to Jeff Bezos. So this is not a logical method at all!

Don’t panic: being Amazon Suspend is not the end of the world! Don’t panic! If you are a regular seller and have good intentions, remember that you can reopen your Amazon store by following Amazon procedures!

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