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What needs to be done to send food to Amazon? What should be followed?

First of all, a seller account must be opened on Amazon and an application must be made to the Amazon food category. It is not possible to list without category approval.

There are certain criteria you must meet to get food approval.

During the application, the required documents must be uploaded in accordance with the amazon rules. The deficiencies in the documents cause the application to be rejected.

What are the requirements that must be met in store performance?

  • In product shipment, the share of defective products should not exceed 1%. Amazon does not accept products that it seems defective
  • If you have started selling and you have received more than 2.5% pre-order cancellation, you will no longer be able to sell
  • If you deliver 4% late while shipping your products, you will not be able to get permission in the food category

Product requirements

  • Products must be properly prepared, labeled, sealed and packed
  • It must be licensed or approved by the relevant government of the country to be sold
  • FDA registration required
  • The products and business operations processes must comply with the law. Amazon doesn’t care about these laws. It is the seller’s responsibility to get the product into the relevant country. Amazon does not replace the importer company
  • Food is the category with an expiration date, and every product should have an expiration date

Things to Consider in Packaging

  • If FBA warehouses are used, the shelf life should be kept up to date. It should be sent to the food in such a way that it has sufficient shelf life
  • All products must be labeled in English in ACCORDANCE WITH Federal and Local LAWS. Otherwise, the product will not be accepted
  • The seller must pack and seal all food appropriately for shipping. Food should be protected from melting and contamination
  • In the food category, a product listing should be made using the UPC code of the product manufacturer
  • Product expiry date labeling should be done in accordance with amazon standards
  • There should be manufacturer information on the product package and this information should be compatible with the information in the seller account

Who Owns the Products You Want to Sell on Amazon?

  • Dealer/distributor means you resell products through retail arbitrage or wholesale business models. Usually, Amazon does not accept retail grocery receipts, so a legal wholesaler or distributor is required
  • The manufacturer ID means that you are a private brand and you should receive an invoice from your manufacturer

Amazon will be offered two different options as manufacturer and distributor. Amazon takes great care in invoicing, so the seller must be careful where he receives the invoices, when he issues them, and how he gets permission from the category.

Product Listing

  • Product descriptions should be prepared in accordance with the listings
  • Package contents must be entered in the listings completely. In a possible complaint, it is the seller, not Amazon, that is responsible
  • Package tags should appear on photo upload
Seyda Nur Erdoğan
Brand Manager