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  • Monthly Traffic: 170 M
  • Other countries where it receives traffic: Azerbaijan, Germany, Georgia
  • User Distribution: 37% Female 63% Male
  • Social Media Traffic in Order: Youtube, Facebook, İnstagram
  • The commission rates: 3%-24%
  • Bestselling categories: Textile, Cosmetics, Household products
  • Monthly Traffic: 100 M
  • Other countries it receives traffic from: Azerbaijan, Germany, America
  • User Distribution: 32% Female 68% Male
  • Social Media Traffic In Order: Youtube, Twitter (x), Facebook
  • The commission rates: 4%-22%
  • Bestselling categories: Electronics, Fashion, Home and Garden, Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Monthly Traffic: 40 M
  • Other countries where it receives traffic: USA, Germany, Netherlands
  • User Distribution: 29% Female 71% Male
  • Social Media Traffic In Order: Youtube, Twitter (x), Facebook
  • The commission rates: 6%-20%
  • Bestselling categories: Electronics, Home and living, Garden, Office and stationery
Why you should in Turkey

High Consumer Spendings

One of the most important advantages of the high young population in Turkey is the young population's fondness for online shopping. There is a big number of people in Turkey to whom you can sell your products.

Incentives from the Turkish Government

By lowering investment-related costs and fostering a more investor-friendly climate, the Turkish government is enticing both domestic and global investors. They decreased the investors' costs by implementing a new system of investment incentives.

Lack of Competition

Developed markets are still finding their feet while long-established markets have highly polished products and customer service. Establishing a company in Turkey with a superb product or service and top-notch customer service is a simple approach to take advantage of a market niche and become a market leader.

Customer Happiness

Customer satisfaction is a sensitive issue for online business. Customers who know they can easily return it if they are not satisfied with the product. They trust more manufacturers who sell here. This shows that you will be at the forefront as long as you sell quality products.

High Market Volume

When starting E-Commerce, manufacturers and SMEs should definitely create their stores on these platforms. If you care about product quality and customer satisfaction, you can realize a large part of your turnover from your online commerce store.

Seller Performance Tools

These platforms aim to increase the performance of the sellers with different campaigns. Sellers can also promote their products to their target audience with influencer marketing.

Being Successful in Online Business

The basis of success at online commerce is customer satisfaction. You need to deliver the right product to all your customers on time and securely.

Seller Rating

Your seller rating is determined by looking at many different metrics such as customer satisfaction, delivery time, customer response time.

Product Rating

Product score at these platforms is the score you get as a result of positive or negative feedback from your customers about your products.

What Do We Offer?


Our first step is to carry out studies to see the market volume, the number of competitors. After obtaining the right data, we determine the most accurate and strategic roadmap for your company.

Creating a store is the first and most important step. Market places are very meticulous when choosing sellers and we want to make sure that all the information we provide them is accurate.

Listing the products is one of the most important processes. If customers can't see your product in their searches, it makes no sense what a quality product you produce. In the listing processes, we determine the most appropriate title, bullet point, description and infographic photo structure, so that your products appear at the forefront of searches.

We make your product images conform to market place standards. We prepare infographic images that highlight the superior features of your product.

Post-launch marketing efforts are vital for the future of the product. We ensure that you get high returns with low budgets by managing the giveaway processes and determining the most suitable advertising strategy for your product. By creating advertising campaigns for all your products, we ensure that you use your advertising budget in the most efficient way.

Your account health should be checked regularly and the required performance metrics should be met. If your seller performance score drops too low, it will result in store closure. The store health of our producers working with Vezuve always remains at optimum level.

Our Price List

Please contact us for questions about our packages.


Brands that want to work on a monthly basis

The market research

Creating Store

Product Listing

15 listing

Infographic Images

5 image

Campaign Management

Advertising Management


5 piece

Store Design


1 Month

Possibility to pay in up to 12 installments!

Corporate Package

Corporate Manufacturers Who Want to Brand

The market research

Creating Store

Product Listing

30 listing

Infographic Images

10 image

Campaign Management

Advertising Management


15 piece

Store Design


2 Month

Possibility to pay in up to 12 installments!

Frequently Asked Questions

After creating your store, we design your store’s logo and banner to make it look more eye-catching. According to report, sellers who prepare their stores effectively and interestingly make 30-40% more sales.

In our online commerce marketplace consultancy service, we examine the competitors in your product category and ensure that you have a better listing than them.

One of the issues that online commerce sellers should give the most importance to is photographs. Customers who do not have the chance to touch the product should be made to feel what that product offers by creating infographic photos.

All details and features of the product are arranged in accordance with the search terms of the customers. It should be included in titles and descriptions. In this way, your products will be shown higher by the algorithm.

The giveaway and launch processes are a process that must be carefully managed in order to come to the fore. Vezuve, with its professional team, manages this process on your behalf without any problems.

Vezuve implements sales-increasing operations such as participating in campaigns, applying discounts, and influencer marketing.

Vezuve manages store advertisements, sponsored product advertisements, Facebook advertisements and influencer advertisements. It increases your sales rates by participating in the most suitable campaigns for your products.

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To achieve success with Vezuve

Sellers Reviews

90% of sellers state that they increased their turnover thanks to Vezuve.

82% of sellers stated that they increased their employment numbers after starting online commerce.

89% of sellers stated that they reached new regions and customers.