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Our Amazon Consulting service aims to manage the entire process required to sell your products in US, UK, European and Canadian stores and to create a sustainable business model for you. By selling on Amazon, you can reach your own brand to a wide range of users. You can find the processes we will carry out for you during the Amazon FBA Management process in our Amazon Roadmap. The global e-commerce market has reached 5 trillion dollars in 2022 and you can get a share from this market by joining the manufacturers selling on Amazon. Vezuve operates like an Amazon Department attached to your business.

New Customers in America and Europe Market


Why Should You Sell on Amazon?

Advantages of manufacturers when exporting to the American and European markets with Amazon


Benefit from High Potential

Take advantage of the opportunity to reach millions of potential buyers through Amazon’s brand awareness.


High Return on Investment

Amazon has an undeniable potential when the right strategies are followed. Since you will sell your products in foreign currency, your profit margin will be high.


Amazon Storage and Shipping

Thanks to the Amazon FBA system, even if you do not have a warehouse in the country where you will be selling, Amazon handles the storage, packaging and shipping processes for you. Your costs are reduced.


Worldwide Sales Opportunity

Amazon operates in many countries and is usually the most trafficked marketplace in these countries. It has 3 billion visitors monthly.

Advantages of Amazon FBA

Shipping Speed

Thanks to Amazon's ability to deliver in 2 days, your customer satisfaction will increase and your bad comments will decrease.

Storage Service

You can focus on brand development and sales by leaving things like storage and packaging to Amazon.

Returns Management

Amazon handles the returns of your products, thus reducing your costs.

What Do We Offer?


Our first step is to carry out studies to see the market volume, the number of competitors and in which countries there is a higher demand for the products you produce. After obtaining the right data, we determine the most accurate and strategic roadmap for your company.

After our Market Research, we determine the most suitable market for your products to enter. We analyze the customer base in this market and list what criteria they pay attention to most when they make a cross-border purchase.

Creating an Amazon Account is a delicate task. Amazon is very meticulous when choosing sellers and we want to make sure that all the information we provide them is accurate. In this process, we also complete the process of creating bank accounts such as Payoneer and Wise. We provide reliable account creating in Amazon America, Canada, Mexico, UK and all over Europe.

The products you produce will most likely already be sold on Amazon. At this point, the issue we need to pay attention to is to differentiate from our competitors and to highlight the features of our product. The processes that customers complain about the most will be determined and these issues will be shared with our manufacturers and necessary revisions will be suggested.

Listing the products is one of the most important processes. If customers can't see your product in their searches, it makes no sense what a quality product you produce. In the listing processes, we determine the most appropriate title, bullet point, description and infographic photo structure, so that your products appear at the forefront of searches.

We make your product images conform to Amazon standards. We prepare infographic images that highlight the superior features of your product.

We determine the most accurate packaging for your products and make the necessary negotiations with the cargo companies. We create the FBA shipping plan of your products on Amazon and send you the necessary shipping labels. If there is a need for a warehouse in the target country, we take the necessary actions regarding this.

Post-launch marketing efforts are vital for the future of the product. We ensure that you get high returns with low budgets by managing the giveaway processes and determining the most suitable advertising strategy for your product. By creating advertising campaigns for all your products, we ensure that you use your advertising budget in the most efficient way.

Your account health on Amazon should be checked regularly and the required performance metrics should be met. If your seller performance score drops too low, it will result in store closure. The store health of our producers working with Vezuve always remains at optimum level.

In order to protect your products on Amazon and not allow other sellers to enter your list, you must enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry program. In this way, you will have a more advanced listing than other sellers (enhanced brand content) and at the same time you will be ahead of your competitors. You can also place more visually rich ads.



Businesses that want to work on a monthly basis

Possibility to pay in 12 installments

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SMEs and entrepreneurs that will start selling on abroad

Possibility to pay in 12 installments

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Corporate manufacturers who want to brand on Amazon

Possibility to pay in 12 installments

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Can I sell without a company?

You can open an individual seller account on Amazon without your company. However, in this way, you can progress for a very short time. If you have a long-term sales plan on Amazon, you must own a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, or joint stock company. To enjoy the benefits Amazon has to offer, you must switch to a professional account.

Which Amazon market should I enter?

Amazon is active in many countries around the world. The most suitable markets for sellers are the US, UK and Amazon Europe. After deciding on the products you want to sell, you should definitely do a detailed market research to decide on the most suitable country for you. You should also make a profit margin analysis and determine the most suitable market for your products and enter with the right price strategy.

Is it mandatory to advertise on Amazon?

Advertising on Amazon is not a mandatory step. However, since it is a platform with intense competition, you need to advertise in the first stages in order to highlight your products. Although the advertising costs on Amazon vary depending on the company’s strategy, a minimum of 15-20 dollars daily advertising budget should be allocated.

Do I invoice Amazon while sending cargo?

When sending products to Amazon FBA warehouses, the company you export is not Amazon. That’s why you can’t show Amazon as the importer when issuing your invoice. If you have a company in the country you want to sell, you can show your company as an importer or you can make an agreement with a company that will manage your customs procedures there.

If I have a suspended account, can I open a new account for myself?

If your store has suspended, your first priority should be to open your suspended account. If you try to create a new store with a different e-mail address and the same contact information, the store you are trying to open will be suspended in a short time.

Do I have to get a VAT and EORI number before selling on Amazon Europa?

Before logging into Amazon Europa, you must have registered EORI and VAT. Otherwise, you cannot send products to Amazon’s warehouses.

How does the giveaway process work on Amazon?

When you first open your products for sale on Amazon, your BSR ranking will not be enough to appear in the front rows. Since the Amazon A9 algorithm is focused on sales, we need to display inorganic sales and reviews in our store. By sending the product amounts to our overseas giveway teams, we enable them to purchase the products and make photo comments after receiving them.

What will my costs be on Amazon?

The costs you need to know when selling on Amazon are the monthly store rental fee, FBA fees based on product sizes, sales commission rate, logistics costs, and advertising costs.

How can I get paid from Amazon?

You get paid from Amazon every 2 weeks. Amazon will reserve a portion of your balance to cover FBA, advertising and commission costs. You can receive your payments with virtual banking systems such as Payooner, Wise, Hyperwallet and Paypal.

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Amazon Business Models

Business Models You Can Sell On Amazon

Handmade necklace on wooden mannequin, needlework

Selling on Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade category became active as an online store on Amazon Market in 2015.

Currently serving in the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, Italy, France, Spain.

To sell on Amazon Handmade, you must have a professional seller account on Amazon. For sellers looking for alternatives on ETSY, Amazon Handmade, which grows every year, will be the right choice.


Private Label

Thanks to this sales model, you can shape the product you produce according to the needs of the market and sell it in your own brand listing. If you have a Trademark Registry, you can use the Amazon Brand Registry system to prevent other sellers from copying your product and brand.


Retail Arbitrage

Arbitrage is generally preferred by sellers with low entry capital. Because, for example, when you want to sell a private label product, you have to spend money on various issues related to product launch such as advertising and giveaway. In arbitrage, you do not incur these costs because you sell a known product that is already sold. Of course, arbitrage also has some disadvantages. For example, a seller who supplies the product you sell at a more affordable price can enter your list and get sales. Arbitrage is generally a highly competitive trading method. Multiple sellers on your list will try to compete by breaking prices, reducing their profit margins.


Amazon Business (B2B)

Amazon Business is an Amazon service specially designed to meet the purchasing needs of companies of all types. The Business vendor program allows you to increase your sales between businesses. If you become an Amazon Business seller, you will receive various advantages such as payment methods and pricing that make it easy to purchase large quantities of products from you.

Amazon Business genellikle küçük ve orta ölçekli firmalar tarafından talep görüyor. Amazon business satıcıları, alıcılar toplu ürün aldığında azalan komisyon avantajına sahip olurlar.