New Generation Export Consulting

What is Export Consultancy Service?

Export Consultancy Service refers to end-to-end management of overseas sales and marketing operations of manufacturing companies. Export Consultancy companies allow manufacturing companies to meet their potential customers in target markets through digital channels. Vezuve supports producers to sell and earn foreign currency in online markets such as Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, Allegro and Ozon in Europe and America. Before opening to foreign markets, we determine your strengths and weaknesses by making a SWOT analysis of your brand. The purpose of Export Consulting Service is not to send a few cargoes abroad, but to capture a reliable and sustainable brand image. Vezuve carries out company establishment, store opening, seo-oriented product listing, cargo management, stock management and advertising management on behalf of your brand. In this way, your business will get rid of a great cost and time loss.

Why is Cross-Border Commerce Necessary?

Cross-Border Commerce is a new business model offered to us by changing user behaviors and technology. Increasing raw material prices, rising exchange rates and inflation figures have made it necessary for manufacturers to open up to foreign markets. The development of logistics and payment systems has removed trade borders between countries. In this way, a company that manufactures in Turkey has come to a position where it can receive orders from its online store, even from Australia. Vezuve leads businesses to do sales in new markets. Our goal is to reach a sustainable commerce system in foreign markets. Expand to new export markets with Vezuve.

What Do You Need in Export Operations?

You must be able to offer users a 360-degree experience when trading abroad



Which markets will we enter? Will our sales channel be retail or B2B? Who are our target customers and what do they like? We will identify them.


Online Store

We create your store suitable for export as SEO compatible. We bring your products together with users abroad. 


Marketing Channels

The most suitable marketing channel for your product group should be determined. According to the target audience, your ads are created on instagram, facebook, google, youtube, pinterest and linkedin.


Interactive Social Media

Your Social Media accounts must actively produce content in the local languages ​​of the country you are selling.


Cross-border Commerce Payment Systems

Users’ payment methods differ from country to country. While payment by credit card is common in some countries, online wallets are preferred in some countries.


Customer Service and Logistics

Customer Service and logistics are the most important links of a perfect customer experience. Ship your products securely and quickly by working with the right logistics companies.

Who are we ?

As Vezuve, we are aware of the high export potential. As the requirements of the new time, companies need to be active in digital, regardless of B2B or retail. Vezuve offers end-to-end export solutions.

Our Goal

We aim to brand our customers on digital platforms and marketplaces abroad. They protect their businesses from risks by increasing their market diversity. We take your brand to the global.

What Do We Offer?

  • Export Consultancy
  • Online Store Setup
  • Google Advertising Services
  • Marketplace Management
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • B2B Market Analysis
  • Starting a Company and VAT Registration

What Do We Offer?

Our Export Consultancy Roadmap

We determine the most accurate target countries and market place for your products. We create the customer segmentation in the target country.

The current situation of our companies is evaluated and their deficiencies are determined and KPIs are determined. Evaluations are made for deficiencies.

Sales strategies, marketing strategies, customer retention strategies and cargo plans are determined according to products and targets.

All plans are ready. Now is the time for action. Let's open your brand abroad and meet your customers.

Online Commerce is a process that we need to constantly improve with the data we collect. We make improvements using customer feedback and website statistics.

It is very important that we create a brand loyalty in the customers we sell to. That's why we must constantly remind our users of ourselves.


We create and manage your Etsy store and increase your sales.


We manage all your e-export operations in Amazon America, Europe and the UK. We increase the export of your brand abroad.


We enable you to enter the Russian market with ozone. By offering an end-to-end e-export service, we save you time and costs.


We enable you to start e-commerce in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria markets on Emag, one of the largest marketplaces in Eastern Europe.


We enable our furniture and home decoration manufacturers to open their stores in the Wayfair marketplace in America, Canada, England and Germany.


Start e-export in the Polish market with Allegro. Sell ​​to 15 million active customers.


We connect textile manufacturers to Zalando, Europe's fashion platform. We support them to do e-commerce in 24 countries in Europe.


Start e-export in 26 countries, including the UK, with Fruugo.

Our Complementary Services to E-Export

We offer a 360 degree e-export experience

Discounted Shipping

Discounted partner cargo prices for international cargo shipments

Overseas Company Establishment

Discounted Company Establishment in America, England, Germany and Romania

Overseas Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration Services in America and Europe

Warehouse Support

Fulfillment service providers in America and Europe

Export Incentives

Take advantage of new generation export incentives and enter new markets with confidence

Product Certification and Certification

All quality certification services such as FDA, ISO, CE, MSDS required for export

Online Commerce Statistics

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Amazon Monthly Traffic

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World Online Commerce Market

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Fastest growing market India (2023-2027)


Professional Team

Vezuve manages every job it does with an expert staff. In our company, which pays maximum attention to professionalism, our experienced team members are appointed according to the service you need.

Uninterrupted Support

After you start working with Vezuve, there is a team member you can be in constant contact with. You can also follow the process online with the files we update simultaneously.

Wide Marketplace Network

Vezuve enables our producers to sell in niche marketplaces such as Wayfair, Zalando, Allegro, and Aliexpress, as well as well-known marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy.

360 Degree Export Department Service

Vezuve is an export management center. We provide services such as company establishment, wattage registration, intermediate warehouse, logistics that you may encounter while doing online commerce across borders.

Long-term cooperation

We always aim for a long-term partnership with the companies we work with. Our long-term working system increases the performance and efficiency of our companies.

Easy payment options

Our customers can make their payments in up to 12 installments.

Open Your Brand to the World in 2023!

Pay after you open your store!

If you want, you can pay your package fee after you open your store.





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