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Selling on Wayfair

Wayfair is a home goods and furniture marketplace operating in the USA, Canada, UK and Germany. The business model at Wayfair is more similar to B2B than B2C. When manufacturers publish a product on the platform, they actually sell it to Wayfair at wholesale prices. It is a popular online website in the furniture category, but the products are divided into subcategories. It is possible to sell in categories such as Furniture, Outdoor, Bedding, Carpet, Decorative Products, Organization, Lighting, Kitchen, Baby Furniture. Wayfair has its own operations network in the countries it serves. Wayfair itself receives the product from your intermediate warehouses in these countries and delivers it to customers. It dominates 35% of the online furniture market in America and is the leader in its field.

New Customers in the American and UK Markets

Why Should You Sell on Wayfair?

Advantages of furniture manufacturers when exporting to the American and European markets with Wayfair


Wide Logistics Network

Sellers should use the Wayfair Logistics Network (WDN) for low cost and prompt delivery. This super logistics system helps Wayfair grow faster in the market, this way it can provide hundred percent efficiency to your sales volume. Wayfair covers the logistics fee.


Receiving Payment in Foreign Currency

When selling on Wayfair, you only get paid in euros, dollars and pounds. You do not pay any commission to Wayfair. Wayfair buys your products from you at wholesale prices.


3D Visualization

In these rooms, the user can create his/her room on the platform with real room dimensions and add doors, windows, room colors and dimensions. The user who creates his room can now place all the products he will purchase on Wayfair in this room and see how they will look in his room.


High Customer Trust

Wayfair dominates the furniture and home decor market. It enjoys high trust from customers and is a leader in the furniture category.

Why Online Export?

Thanks to new generation sales channels such as Wayfair, it is easier to reach millions of customers abroad. You can deliver your products to customers abroad without any problems through the marketplace.

Why Wayfair ?

Wayfair has even surpassed Amazon in the furniture category in the USA. It is preferred by customers because it offers thousands of product options and has gained customer trust. In addition, 3D Imaging technology distinguishes Wayfair from its competitors and increases sales rates. By selling on Wayfair, you can enter the American, Canadian and European markets.

Why Vezuve ?

  • Warehouse support in Europe and America
  • End-to-end Wayfair sales management
  • Many years of sales experience at Wayfair
  • Uninterrupted Customer Support
  • Customs Clearance Support
  • Logistics Support
  • Product liability insurance support
  • Company establishment support

What do we offer?


We examine the demand in the target market and your competitors. We offer your products for sale with the most accurate strategies.

Wayfair operates actively in America, Canada, England and Germany. You must complete the company establishment procedures in the country where you want to sell.

We can apply for your Wayfair store opening and provide the necessary documents that Wayfair requests.

Furniture makers who want to sell on Wayfair must have product liability insurance worth at least $1 million. 

You should offer Wayfair as much product variety as possible. All details about your products should be included in the catalogs you send. Additionally, your product images should be professional.

At Wayfair, we create the necessary advertising campaigns to increase your sales.

You should work with an warehouse in the country you want to sell. During this period, your product will be issued from the warehouse and will be returned to these warehouses when you receive it back. Wayfair covers the shipping cost of the product.

Your warehouse and Wayfair dashboard should be integrated. Thanks to the integration system you will use, when you enter a new product or stock, this will be automatically notified to Wayfair.



Furniture manufacturers who want to work on a monthly basis

Possibility to pay in 12 installments



Furniture manufacturers to brand abroad

Possibility to pay in 12 installments


Wayfair Statistics

0 Million +

Number of customers

0 Thousand +

Number of Sellers

0 Billion $

Product Value

0 Million +

Number of web visitors

0 Engineer +

High R&D Expenditure



Establishing a Company in the Target Country

You must have completed your company establishment procedures in the country where you want to sell.

Overseas Warehouse

You must agree with an intermediate for your packaging, shipping, storage and return operations. Additionally, this intermediate warehouse should be able to provide customer support in the local language.

Product Liability Insurance

Your products must be insured to cover a value of $1 million. Insurance costs vary between 2500-3500 dollars.

High Resolution Images

In order to be compatible with Wayfair’s 3D room technology, your product images must be high resolution and professionally shot.

Qualified employees

As a seller on Wayfair, you’ll need qualified staff to manage inventory, customer service, returns, and other logistics.


In order to integrate your products and warehouse with Wayfair, you should work with one of the integration providers such as geekseller, cartrover, celigo.

Wayfair Wedding Package

Wayfair uses an interesting system for newlywed couples. You upload the products you want to use in your home to the wedding platform on Wayfair. You will be provided with a code to access this platform. By sharing this code with your wedding guests, you can let them see what they can buy as a wedding gift.

Return policy

Customers can return the product within 30 days after purchasing it. However, customers must keep the product in its original and undamaged condition, if purchased disassembled, return it that way, and return it in its original box or in a box close to the original size.

3D Visual Rooms

Users who do not have an idea in mind and are open to suggestions can see previously created room designs on Wayfair’s ‘room ideas’ panel and add the items used in these rooms to their cart without leaving the room. He can have thousands of ideas by choosing what he needs from categories such as kitchen, bedroom, living room, garden.

Marketplace Data

Wayfair helps sellers access data on important metrics such as sales, market rate, demand status, and more. In this way, sellers do not need 3rd party software.

Open Your Brand to the World in 2023!

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If you want, you can pay your package fee after opening your store.