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In our blog post, we will examine the most interesting and important information about Bol.com, the most popular shopping site in the Netherlands.

Important Statistics:

  1. Bol.com is an online marketplace that was established in 1999, that is, 23 years ago. The Netherlands-based Marketplace, which has an average of 69 million monthly traffic, also attracts traffic from Belgium, England, France and Germany.
  2. Bol.com, which provides serious transformations from social media ads, is active on many social media platforms such as Youtube, Reddit, Whatsapp, Linkedin. The platform with the most conversions is Youtube.
  3. 45% of Bol.com customers are women and 55% are men. The largest customer base is in the 25-34 age group.
  4. Bol.com has reached a revenue of 4.3 billion EURO in 2020.
  5. Bol.com is a platform where both new and second-hand products are sold.
  6. Auto and Motor, baby, beauty and personal care, book, pet, food, Electronic, erotic, health, office and school, home, sports, camping and outdoor, mod, music, games and movies, serials, luggage and bags, toys Products can be sold in 20 different categories, namely, garden, life.
  7. There is no registration fee for users on BOL.COM. However, the platform, for each product that its sellers list and sell; It charges service fee and commission (percentage basis), fixed sales fee. Besides that, there are also bid fees and fees for marketplace ads on the platform.

Requirements for Selling on BOL.COM

  • Owning a Company in the NETHERLANDS or BELGIUM. (10 weeks after company establishment and approval)
  • Having a company bank account.
  • To have a tax and trade registry record. (Register with the Dutch Chamber of
  • Commerce or the Belgian trade registry for at least 10 weeks;
  • Have an EAN number.
  • Having IOSS Number.
  • Having a Dutch or Belgian current account
  • Have a Dutch or Belgian postal address.
  • Owning an interim warehouse in FBA standards due to limited warehouse activities (working with a warehouse)

What is required for Bol.com Registration?

  • Company information (Address, tax number, EAN number, bank account information),
  • Phone number
  • Basic information such as Name, Surname
  • After registration, they send a code to your address, when the code is entered, the account is approved.

Storage-Return-Logistics-Customer Relations Services on Bol.com

On Bol.com, a replenishment service is offered to the sellers, which seems to be a great convenience. However, since their warehouses are not sufficient, they accept few stocks and their priority is good sellers. So you should definitely work with an intermediate repository.


What You Need to Consider to Become a Successful Seller on Bol.com

  1. What matters to Bol.com is always customers before sellers. That’s why at least 93% of all ordered products must be delivered on time. Delays are tracked by Bol.com and if 3 products are late within 1 week, you will receive a warning.
  2. You are entitled to a maximum 2% cancellation percentage. If you cancel 3 orders within 1 week, you will be warned by Bol.com.
  3. You must always provide a Tracking and Tracking number for all package shipments. It is not mandatory, but it provides a positive effect.
  4. You need a customer score of 8 or higher. Your average score should be 8 in the last 3 months.
  5. 90% of all search attempts by Bol.com require phone accessibility. They can call you regarding orders or other issues. It is important that you respond to at least 90% of incoming call attempts Monday through Friday between 9 am and 17 pm.
  6. You must respond to inquiries from customers within 24 hours.
    Requests a high NPS score after 10 or more customer contacts. NSP score, after the customers’ interviews with you, they evaluate you through the survey and give a score. NSP score ranges from -100 to 100.

Pricing Strategies on Bol.com

You cannot enter product prices above market value on Bol.com. Lists entered above the market value will be closed and you will receive a warning. You can change the product prices once in 3 months and you can make changes due to VAT rates and cost increases not caused by you. Product prices are always VAT included.

Seyda Nur Erdoğan
E-Commerce Specialist