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Amazon Business

It is an Amazon service specifically designed to meet the purchasing needs of companies of all types. The Business vendor program allows you to increase your sales between businesses. If you become an Amazon Business seller, you will receive several benefits, such as payment methods and pricing that make it easy to purchase large quantities of products from you.


Amazon Business is generally in demand by small and medium-sized enterprises. There is no need to pay any fee to register to Amazon Business, which facilitates the purchasing processes of small and medium-sized companies. With the account you have created on behalf of the company, the authorized person has the opportunity to purchase products or materials upon their request.


The platform offers discounts on a certain amount of products. Customers can use the “Ask some discount” option to see products sold at a discounted price from sellers. In addition, the main owner of the account can add authorized names to the account as he wishes. In this way, it can reduce the workload. To become an Amazon Business seller, you must register to the professional selling plan for $39.99 per month.



Differences of Business Seller Account from Regular Seller Account

You can access B2B features with your existing Amazon seller account. Amazon business sellers have the advantage of reduced commissions when buyers buy bulk items. The Amazon Business seller program provides the following benefits:


Business pricing and quantity discounts: Pricing and payment features that make it easy to buy from you in bulk.


B2B product opportunities: Get personalized product recommendations based on customer demands.


Business-Only option: The option to recommend products to business customers only.


Enhanced content: Enhanced product content such as User Guides and Material Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded for the products you offer in various categories.


Seller Credentials: Offer quality, variety, and ownership information and certifications to help your business stand out to Amazon Business customers.


Business Seller profile: You can add additional information about your business such as logo, year of establishment, business type to your profile. This information is shown to your customers on your profile page.


Business reports: You can access various reports such as which customers purchased from you and when they purchased.


Tax Invoice Available Badge: A chance to show your products more to Amazon Business users with the special Tax Invoice Available Badge. (Available only by merchants who have their Tax Calculation Services enabled.)



Which users are Amazon Business customers?

Amazon Business customers are customers whose business accounts have completed the registration process and are proven to be businesses.


What does Labeled Seller mean?

Amazon Business sellers who use the Amazon VAT calculation service and also meet desired performance targets are eligible for the Business Seller label. Customers can see the tag right next to it in their seller name. This allows your offers to stand out and increase your revenue.


How to create an Amazon Business account?

To create your own business account, you must follow the steps below.

Go to business.amazon.com.

Then click on “Create a free account” in the upper right corner.

Write your e-mail address in the field you see below and press the “Get Started” option.

Enter your name, e-mail address and password in the relevant sections above.

Then Amazon will direct us to the page where we will enter our company’s and our own information. After filling our information on this page, we need to enter credit card information as a payment method. If Amazon confirms that we have entered all this information correctly, we will receive a confirmation email and we can start using our account. The verification process can take an average of 3 business days.

Amazon Commission Rates by Categories

You can click to see the Amazon fees you have to pay to sell on Amazon Business.