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There are some methods for exporting companies in the B2B field to find customers. In this blog, we have compiled for you how you can make our company stand out more easily by using the methods of finding customers in B2B markets and digital marketing.

Let’s examine together.


1. Fairs

One of the most important points that exporting companies should implement is to participate in fair events. Fair events are great importance for B2B companies. Fair events allow you to reach potential customers and new audiences. Since these fairs are usually organized on a sector, every person participating in the fair has the potential to be your customer. Therefore, participation in fairs is very important and necessary for exporting companies.

2. Search Engines

One of the methods of finding customers in the B2B field is search engines. When we say search engine, what comes to mind first? Google of course. The most important point to consider when searching on Google; keywords to be searched for.

3. Ministry of Commerce Sourced Websites

1. Foreign Demands Bulletin

2. Easy Export

You can access demand data in foreign countries by using websites such as these.

4. Commercial Consultants and Attachés

One of the B2B customer finding methods is consultancy and attaché offices. This service is also completely free. On the website of the Ministry of Commerce, there is a section called “Consult the Counselor”. By registering here, you can request by e-mail from the consultancy and attaché offices abroad to send special customer data about your own products. All you need to do here is to create a membership on the ministry’s website. Then you can introduce your product and yourself and create a demand.

5. Commercial Delegations

In the field of B2B, sectoral or a certain number of exporters come together; Exporters’ unions, chambers of industry, trade delegations and a commercial committee are organized. The aim here is to increase our exports, find new markets, and contribute to the promotion of our country in terms of economy and trade.

6. Brokerage (Representation) Activities

There are companies operating as intermediary activities and foreign trade companies in our country. There are even freelancers who act as intermediaries and agents. These people market your products to customers and receive commissions from the actual sales or become profit partners. If you want to start exporting, one of the easiest starts would be to work with the agent.

7. E-Mail Marketing

There are many methods between customer and communication networks. But one of the most well-known methods is Mail Marketing. Unfortunately, the mail method is not as effective as it used to be. However, email is still essential for generating leads and generating leads. Just sending an e-mail is now an old method. Because the recycling rates of mail are around 2% – 3%. Therefore, it will not be the right method to call customers only by sending an e-mail.

8. Linkedin

One of the best channels for B2B is LinkedIn. There are more than 30 million active company accounts on LinkedIn. At the same time, most of the website traffic of companies comes from LinkedIn. Thanks to LinkedIn, you can reach private managers of companies, and find customers by sending special offers to business networks while promoting your company.


A phone call must be made to the e-mails that are replied to, and the product and company must be introduced with a short phone call. It is important because it offers many of the advantages of face-to-face selling at a lower cost.

10. Reaching Potential Customers in Digital Environments



Your website is the heart of your marketing activities. 63% of consumers say a website is their preferred way of searching and interacting with a brand. It is good to have a well-designed website, but more importantly than the design is that your website should be fast, compatible with mobile devices, and compatible with search engines. At the same time, you should do SEO (search engine optimization) work in order to constantly stand out on your website and to differentiate the services you provide. Another important point is to update your website again by specifying the languages of the countries you are targeting.

Social media

Another lead finding technique is social media tools. Social media marketing helps you build better relationships with consumers. You can promote your company by encouraging your potential customers to follow your social media account.

Plan what content you will create on social media each month and which communication channel (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin) you will publish them on. Thanks to these contents, potential customers will both find you more easily and have information about the services you provide.

Digital Ads

Advertisements play a very important role in the marketing of products and the promotion of the company. Plan your ads on Google search engine, websites and social media. Decide how much you will budget for them. Before advertising, it will be in your best interest to determine your target audience, create customer segmentation and advertise accordingly. Because your product does not appeal to every audience, and the budget you spend on advertising may be wasted. In this respect, customer segmentation is very important. In this way, you can catch potential customers by placing spot-on advertisements.

11. B2B Marketplaces

Businesses that want to sell B2B can also sell in online marketplaces as well as their own websites. In order to be able to sell both within the country and abroad, sales can be made by opening a store in large online marketplaces that already have customers and buyers. Thanks to B2B marketplaces, foreign companies interested in your products can contact you to get an offer. Creating a profile in B2B marketplaces also contributes to increasing your brand awareness.

You can find our blog post reviewing the biggest B2B marketplaces here.

VEZÜVE allows you to allocate time for your production by finding customers for your products instead of you. By dealing with every detail of B2B customer finding methods to the finest detail, we find potential customers for you and market your products. You can contact us for professional B2B Export consultancy.

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