This method will be an effective but costly option for your ad performance. Giveaway can be made in two ways:

  1. The first option is to enable our acquaintances abroad to purchase products at a discount or completely free of charge. These purchases should be made at different intervals and instead of entering the store’s profile and making a purchase, the product should be searched for certain keywords and found manually.
  1. Amazon also offers a giveaway option to sellers. Customers perform some tasks in a category that Amazon offers specifically, allowing them to purchase these products at a discount or for free and leave comments. It is also a good option to send a discount code to customers who did not win the lottery. However, this method has been discontinued by Amazon for a while.

Thanks to the giveaway method, the Amazon A9 algorithm notices that our sales are increasing and starts to show your products higher. If this method is also supported by PPC ads, it will be easier to reach targeted sales.

The giveaway method is a costly method as we mentioned. We can list these costs as follows.

  • Product cost
  • FBA fees
  • Commission expenses
  1. The Difference Between Sponsored Product Advertisements and Brand Advertisements

Self-service ads are for displaying our listings in the form of an ad in front of customers after searching with keywords. In this method (Which is similar to Google’s search ads), Amazon places us in the top positions based on our bid and the relevance of our product. Ad spend occurs every time customers click on these products. Premium ads are mostly displayed in the form of banners and videos. Thanks to this method, it is possible to prepare more interesting advertisements. It has a similar characteristic to google display ads and YouTube video ads. Trademark registered brands can also create their own unique advertising designs.

  1. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored product advertisements are the type of advertisement that can be used by companies that have not yet registered their brand to Amazon. This type of ad is similar to Google Shopping network ads. Based on the quality of our listing and the offer we make, it is a form of advertising that directs customers searching on Amazon to other products sold on Amazon.

Sponsored product ads are often displayed at the top or bottom of the search results page, alongside other product detail pages. When customers click on sponsored product advertisements, they are directed to the sales page with other product information. These ads are keyword-targeted, and advertisers have the option to choose between exact, phrase, and broad match types.

Advertisers also have the option to set a daily budget as well as the duration of the campaign. The campaign can be paused at any time, but it takes approximately 1 week for Amazon to recognize the ad.

Regardless of the seller with the highest bid on Amazon, they only pay $0.01 more than the 2nd highest bid.

  1. Ads Specially Offered by Amazon to Trademarked Sellers

This type of advertisement is only for sellers with Amazon trademark registration. It allows us to create more engaging and high-ranking ads. In this type of ad, it is possible to upload more than one photo of the product and play a video. These ads also give customers confidence and increase brand awareness.

  • Amazon Sponsored Brands (Headline Ads)

Also known as headline advertising, Amazon allows you to present more eye-catching ads. In this type of ad, you can show 3 of your products in a single ad, and you can also show a short video in the ad. Since your store and logo will appear in large fonts in these ads, it will contribute to your brand awareness. These ads can appear at the top of search results, to the left, or below product listings. In order to publish your Amazon Sponsored Brands ads, you must have a professional account and your brand must be registered on Amazon. This ad type has the highest ROaS when bid on the right keywords and creates an eye-catching design. Your Sponsored Brand ads must have a call to action, such as “buy now!”, “25 percent off”.

  • Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Although Amazon Display Ads is paid with PPC like other types of ads, it differs from them in terms of targeting. This ad is targeting customers based on their interests or competing products that you specify. Amazon can display these ads on other platforms (Amazon Prime TV, Imdb etc.) that it owns. These advertisements direct the product to the detail page, as in the sponsored product advertisements. It is possible to start display ads with a minimum budget of $1 per day. Sponsored Display Ads are not keyword driven. Therefore, our advertising costs will be proportional to the competition in our target product group. We may reduce our CPC bids for products with less competition.

  1. What should we pay attention to when advertising?
  • Analyze your campaigns regularly
  • A/B test different ad designs for Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Don’t forget to add call-to-action titles
  • Add negative words with high ACoS and poor performance
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