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Common Mistakes When Selling on Amazon


1- Not getting VAT and EORI number before you start selling on Amazon Europe

Unlike Amazon America, the sellers who want to sell in Amazon Europe must obtain VAT and EORI number records in the country where they will sell. Your VAT number is your tax number with which you will pay the legal VAT obligations in that country. The EORI number is your number that must be submitted to customs when importing to European Union countries.


2- Showing Amazon as Importer on the Invoice

When sending products to Amazon FBA warehouses, the address of the Amazon company or FBA warehouse should not be entered in the recipient information. Amazon has announced that it will reject products that reach its warehouse in this way. If you have a VAT registration or company in that country, you must write your own company in the recipient section, or if you are working with a freight forwarder, you must enter his address and company information.


3- Not Using DDP (Duty Paid) for Shipping to Amazon Warehouses

Shipments arriving at Amazon FBA warehouses with duty unpaid will be rejected. All costs incurred in shipping the product belong to the seller and must be paid before reaching the warehouse.

4- Not Making an Appointment When Shipping to Amazon Europe

When shipping to Europe, Amazon must be informed about the estimated time of arrival.


5- Not to Private Label European Warehouses

Sellers selling on Amazon America can try to send their products to Amazon warehouses with the same shipping labels. Unfortunately, that will not work. Amazon Europe warehouses have their own unique labeling.


6- Import of the product you sell in the USA may be forbidden in Europe

You may encounter that the product you sell easily in the USA is subject to restrictions in Amazon Europe. Make sure that European countries accept your products before exporting.


7- Starting to Sell in Multiple Amazon Countries at the Same Time

We always advise our producers and SMEs to start with one target market first and then enter other marketplaces after reaching certain volumes in that market. Concentrating your focus on different countries at the same time will increase the probability of failure and increase costs.


8- Your listings must be in the Local Language of the Destination Country

Your listings must be prepared in the local language of the country where Amazon serves. For example, if you are going to sell in Germany, your list should be created in German.


9- Will your comments in Amazon America be moved to your store in Europe?

If you connect your Amazon European account to your US account, European users will be able to see the comments made on your products during the initial launch process. Then, as your products start to receive reviews from users in Europe, your comments on Amazon America will not appear.


10- Starting a Sale in a Restricted Category

If you have received a category approval in Amazon America, you will need to reapply for category approval in Amazon Europe.


11- Selling on Amazon using FBM

If you sell from your own warehouses with Amazon FBM, you must provide local language customer service support and manage product returns yourself.


12- Not Allocating an Advertising Budget

Every manufacturer who wants to sell on Amazon must allocate an advertising and giveaway budget. This budget is necessary so that the store can get to the forefront and compete with other sellers. As your sales increase, these costs will decrease and you will be able to make a profit.


13- You Can’t Protect Your Products If You Don’t Register a Trademark

We recommend that you apply for trademark registration as soon as possible after you start selling on Amazon. Trademark registration processes can take 9-10 months. That’s why our sellers must register with the Amazon Brand Registry to secure their products and prevent other sellers from selling them.

14- Can I Send My Products In Amazon FBA Warehouses To Sales From Other Platforms?

When you send products to Amazon FBA warehouses, it is possible to send to the customer if your sales come from different platforms such as Etsy, Walmart or your own e-export website. You need to activate this feature in your Amazon seller panel. You can manage this process from the Multi-Channel Fulfillment section.


15- Not Allocating the Necessary Advertising and Giveaway Budget

Amazon is a platform with thousands of sellers and intense competition. In order to be successful here and to bring your products to the forefront, you will definitely have to bear the costs in the first months. You should not hesitate to allocate an advertising budget, and you should know that this is an investment in the returns you will receive in the future.