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With the changing needs of the digitalized world and user behavior, businesses are more willing than ever to bring their products to e-commerce. Because we see with our eyes that the stores that cannot go digital and try to sell only in their local stores are closing day by day. Businesses that want to start e-commerce have 2 options. Selling in online marketplaces (Trendyol, Hepsiburada, Çiçeksepeti etc.) or establishing their own e-commerce websites. 

The preference of businesses that do not want to put up with these rates is generally to establish their websites.
So, is it enough to just set up an e-commerce site to make sales?
Unfortunately the answer is no.
In order to stand out from your competitors in the SERP (Google Search Results) results of your brand website, you will need an SEO-focused and fast e-commerce site.



1- Categorize Your Products


When your customers log in to your website, they should be able to find the products they want easily. If you have products from different categories, make sure to put them in the right categories.
You must separate. It also has its own collections such as the Women’s and Men’s collections, and the Summer and Winter collections.
You should also do filters. In this way, users can find what they are looking for in a few clicks.
They will spend longer time on your website to reach the product. If the abandonment rate increases in a short time, it will negatively affect your Google SEO results. You should divide your sites into category trees and classify the products within themselves.


2- Do Keyword Research


Our businesses should not forget that potential is more important than how you describe the product.
It is more important with which keywords your customers search for that product. For example, textile
While a store selling products advertises its products as “clothes”, users do not use this product.
If you are looking for “evening dress” usually, your website in Google searches
will not appear. When doing keyword research, you can find your products as much as possible.
Choose specific, long phrase words that describe them well. For example; “Red Waistline
Abiye” is your first store in front of users by getting ahead of your competitors in this way.
may come out. While doing keyword research, Google Trends, Keywords Everywhere,
Actively using tools like Google Keyword Planner and
you can use.

3- Make Your Headlines Meaningful


Headlines are one of the most influential metrics in Google search results. Because the product title is indicated at the top and in bold in the search results. Headings are the right way to SEO.
It should be focused and define your product well. In the keyword determination phase
The words you find must be included in your titles. Also, the keyword character
Make sure your number does not exceed 180 characters. Finally in the first word of your titles
You do not need to mention your brand name.

4- Organize the Description Section Clearly


Write your product descriptions in short paragraphs whenever possible.
you must create. 
Describe your product in descriptions.
If you include semantic words, it will positively affect your SEO results.


5- Be Active on Social Media


Communicate with your target audience on social media to increase your Brand Awareness. Another advantage of your social media is when you create your website.
You will get external traffic to your site. Webshops with external traffic have Google
ranks higher in searches.

6- Produce Up-to-date Content on Your Blog Page


Creating original blog content is the most successful way to increase your SEO ranking on your website. In accordance with the category you are selling, on the topics that your target audience is curious about.
You should definitely post regularly. For example, an e-commerce store that sells cosmetics.
If the store creates a blog content such as “how should morning skin care be”, the website will be on the front page.
You shouldn’t copy from your competitors when creating blog content. Supporting the blog posts you create with photos will also increase the reading rate.eticaret-seo-google-aramalarında-öne-çıkmak-ziyaretçi-sayısını-artırmak-organik-trafik-almak-eticaret-sitelerinde-seo-nasıl-olmalıdır-eticarette-seonun-önemi

7- Make Sure Your Url Structure Is Correct


It is important for SEO that your link page is compatible with the product title on your product pages.
is one of the metrics. The URL structure of your website is short to describe your product. For example, for a red dress, the url structure should be:
www.modadü In this way, google bots
can crawl your site more efficiently. Making your e-commerce site links SEO compatible
it will positively contribute to your Google search rankings.

8- You Should Use CDN on Your Website


Although not very well known, the use of CDN can significantly increase the speed of your website.
It will increase your scores on Google metrics. Moreover
If you install the CDN system, it will also protect your website from malware and attacks.

9- Upload Your Photos in Webp Format


The high size of the photos you will upload on your website
as it will slow down the speed, it will cause you to get low scores from Google scores. We recommend converting the photos.eticaret-seo-google-aramalarında-öne-çıkmak-ziyaretçi-sayısını-artırmak-organik-trafik-almak-eticaret-sitelerinde-seo-nasıl-olmalıdır-eticarette-seonun-önemi

10- Use Meta Alt Tags for Your Images


Adding meta tags to your uploaded images is required. Add related words when uploading your product photos
For example: “wood-office-chair-60×100-office-furniture-walnut-tree-chair”
Do not forget to add detailed descriptions of your products.

11- Your E-Commerce Site Should Be Mobile Compatible


According to 2021 Turkey E-Commerce data, 70% of users shop via mobile devices.
That’s why your website should be mobile compatible. While designing your website, with a responsive design
providing your customers with a seamless experience on all kinds of devices and sizes
required. If users cannot reach the products they are looking for on mobile or
If it is difficult to do, your sales will decrease. Having your website mobile-friendly is a prerequisite in Google.
It helps you rank up.

12- Use Google Analytics and Search Console


2 free tools we can use when tracking visitors to websites are google analytics
and the search console. Displaying products on your web page using these tools
such as the number of clicks, the number of clicks, and the time your users spend on your pages.
You can also access statistics. By examining Google Analytics data, you can further define your target audience.
You can get to know your digital marketing campaign closely according to the metrics here.
you can set. Using Search Console, you can detect problems on your web pages and
you can monitor the average position of your pages in google search results

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