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Established in 2010, AliExpress is the online shopping service of AliBaba Group, headquartered in China. AliExpress is a marketplace that contains millions of products and can be used from many countries around the world. AliExpress’s logo, like many e-commerce sites, is designed in orange, plain colors and a catchy style.

How to Use AliExpress?

To use AliExpress, you can first log in to the official AliExpress website and create an account for free via the “REGISTER” link.

After account creation, AliExpress receives your personal information (name, surname, date of birth). Then asks you to choose between various shopping categories (women’s fashion, electronics, jewelry) that interest you.

After creating your profile, you can browse the store and easily find the product you want from the search bar.

What is required to sell on AliExpress?

  • Watts Record
  • Company Operating License
  • Identity information of the legal representative of the company
  • Company’s current contact information
  • Signature statement
  • There is a sole or normal company obligation.
  • If you have a limited or joint stock company, a “Statement of Activity” is required in addition to the above.

AliExpress Customs Duty

AliExpress is subject to the tax laws of the Republic of Türkiye, as in other overseas-linked e-commerce purchases. For products purchased on AliExpress, Turkish citizens are required to pay a customs presentation fee of 12 Turkish Liras and a stamp duty of 1 Turkish Lira. There is an obligation to pay 20% customs tax for the total price of the products ordered through AliExpress.

How to Become a Seller on AliExpress?

If you are a business owner on AliExpress headquartered in Turkey; You can sell to any country globally. You can easily make sales within the scope of Micro Export and speed up your customs procedures.

To sell on AliExpress, you must be a business owner. You cannot sell individually.


To create a vendor record:

  • First you need to choose the country where your store will pay taxes
  • Set your e-mail and password
  • After following the steps, you can confirm your account with the code sent to your e-mail by accepting the “Membership Agreement” and pressing the continue button
  • Enter your company information. Enter the company’s contact information and tax identification number
  • Finally, add the legal representative’s information


Points to Consider on AliExpress

  • You have to deal with a logistics company and create a shipping template through the vendor panel
  • You must choose the products you will sell in accordance with the rules of the platform. For example, it is forbidden to sell products such as soil-fertilizer, Quran, explosive substances, gasoline on AliExpress
  • If you are going to sell branded products; To sell, you must have the necessary selling rights
  • List and categorize your products. Enter the descriptions and titles of your products in a detailed and understandable way
  • Set an affordable price for your products. It will be healthier to do competitor analysis while determining the price. Since you will be in a competitive environment, you should determine an appropriate price strategy
  • To increase your sales, make continuous competitor analysis, give importance to R&D. Participate in educational work

Invoicing on AliExpress

You need to issue an invoice for the products you sell on AliExpress. Invoice is required for the smooth progress of customs and logistics transactions.

You can issue the invoice in English or Turkish. VAT should be deducted as 0%. The currency in the invoice can be TL or USD.

You can consult a financial advisor for your legal responsibilities such as income tax arising from your sales on AliExpress.

AliExpress Shipping Process

When you shop on AliExpress, you can choose from many shipping companies as an alternative. These are:

  • China Post Registered Air Mail: It is the most used cargo company. Because if you usually order by choosing this cargo; You have the opportunity to receive your orders under a certain amount and weight with free shipping. But the order reaches the customer’s hands later than other paid shipping companies
  • EMS: It is paid
  • UPS: It is paid too
  • FEDEX: It is the most expensive cargo company. The product reaches the customer within 1 week

AliExpress Important Statistics

  • The total number of visits to AliExpress is 390.9 million. It receives a significant part of the visit from Brazil
  • AliExpress ranks 6th in e-commerce, shopping and marketplaces category
  • AliExpress has an annual turnover of $25.0 Billion – $50.0 Billion
  • Brazil ranks 1st among the countries sending the most traffic to AliExpress with 13.04% Brazil is followed by; USA with 8.20%, Spain with 7.49%, France with 6.03% and Russia with 5.49%
  • Via Aliexpress.ru the company receives heavy traffic from Russia (80.6%), Belarus (3.86%), Ukraine (3.3%), Kazakhstan (2.4%) and other countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States. It has 86.5 million monthly visitors
  • The majority of the AliExpress audience is men by 65.78%
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