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What is Wayfair?

Wayfair Inc., an American e-commerce outlet founded in 2002, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded on the sale of furniture and household goods. The Wayfair Digital platform has more than 11,000 global suppliers and provides access to 14 million products. Online company Wayfair has offices and warehouses in the United States, as well as Canada, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Wayfair, Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane, and Perigold. There are 5 websites affiliated with the wayfair company.

The sales process in Wayfair is similar to the B2B model as opposed to the B2C model. When a seller publishes a product, they actually sell it directly to Wayfair at wholesale prices.

wayfair'de_satış_eticaret_danışmanlık_eihracat_danışmanlık_amerikaya_ihracat_avrupaya_ihracat_amazonda_satış_wayfair_mobilya_ihracatıWayfair.com’s target audience is 41.36% male and 58.64% female. The largest age group of visitors is between 25 and 34 years old.

1- Categories

It is a popular online website in the furniture category, but it is divided into subcategories within itself.

-Furniture, Outdoor, Mattress, Carpet, Decorative Products, Organization, Lighting, Kitchen, Baby Furniture, Bathroom Intermediate Products, White Goods.

2- Wayfair’s Business Model

Wayfair buys products from you at wholesale price and sells them at retail price on its website. Retail prices do not affect the manufacturer. Since there is a great variety of products and quality, the price range that Wayfair will give you in wholesale may vary a lot. Wayfair has its own special logistics system. It works without stock in this system. As the order arrives, the manufacturer delivers the products to the purchasing customer and Wayfair covers the shipping costs. If your products are fast selling products, Wayfair can take products in bulk to their warehouses. In this case, Wayfair also covers the shipping costs itself.

What Is The 3D Visualization Infrastructure That Sets Wayfair From Other Online Marketplaces?


Since furniture and household goods are sold at Wayfair, the return rates and the risk of the user who will make the purchase are high. That’s why Wayfair has brought a solution to this situation with a technology.

‘Do you have doubts about how the product you like will look in your room? With Wayfair 3D, it is very easy to learn!’ 3D virtual rooms can be created within the Platform.

In these rooms, the user can create their room on the platform with the real room dimensions, and add doors, glass, beams, room color and other details.

The user who created his room can now place all the products he will buy in Wayfair in this room and see how it will look, whether it will fit or not. Or, he can create his dream room in different ways and choose the one that fits the most. Moreover, he can see his room from every angle, including bird’s eye view.

Users who have no idea and are open to suggestions can see the previously created room designs from the Wayfair’s ‘room ideas’ panel, and add the items used in these rooms to their cart without leaving the room. He can have thousands of ideas by choosing what he needs from categories such as kitchen, bedroom, living room, garden.

  • Room Ideas

  • Wayfair 3D


3- What Advantages Does Wayfair Provide to Sellers?



It offers its sellers an innovative ease of use with its easy navigation system. Via the smart screen of mass product catalog publishing, sellers can simply present their collections and availability to customers using the platform.


Sellers can use the direct shipping method from suppliers to customers for low cost and short time sales. This super logistics system helps Wayfair to grow faster in the market, so it can provide 100% efficiency to your sales volume. It minimizes logistics costs by organizing via WDN (Wayfair Delivery Network) so that retailers can always stay profitable.


Wayfair helps sellers access data and analysis on important metrics such as sales, market rate, demand status. Wayfair vendors constantly monitor customers’ demand and choice to gain an overview of the market and demand. This full-time view of product and market demand helps sellers stay up-to-date on what product they should produce more and what they should not.

Return Policy

You can return most products for a refund or store credit within 30 days of delivery, provided they are undamaged and in their original packaging. Although it may seem like a troublesome situation for sellers, there are many rules that protect sellers.

  • Original, undamaged condition
  • Disassembled, if the product was originally delivered disassembled
  • In its original packaging. If the original packaging is too damaged to be returned, you should use a similarly sized box as the original or a box no longer than 108 inches.

There are several non-refundable items:

  • Clearance items
  • Gift cards
  • Personalized items
  • Packaged items at discounted prices, for example “25
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