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Selling on Zalando

Zalando, one of Europe’s leading fashion platforms, has a total of 49 million active users in 23 European countries.

With the Partner Program, you can see your instant performance whenever you want, at the same time set your own prices and keep control over product variety, branding, marketing and logistics at all times.

Why Sell on Zalando?

  • Zalando’s Partner Program portal, zDirect, has all your analytics, sample benchmarks, etc.
  • The simplest way to build a profitable e-commerce business model and directly reach 49 million active customers within Europe
  • Use your own logistics or minimize shipping costs with Zalando Fulfillment Solutions
  • Build customer loyalty with the Zalando page for your brand
  • Set your own prices

What are the Requirements to Join Zalando?

  • Products must have an EAN-13 (European Article Number).
  • Decide on your integration method.
  • Learn the process of Adding and Managing Articles with Image and Content Guidelines
  • Review Platform Rules
  • For partners entering the French and/or German markets, make sure you have learned the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations and are registered with the relevant organizations
  • Review Quality Assurance Requirements
  • Prepare your KYC (Know Your Customer) documents, this is a legal requirement based on the German Act. (These will need to be uploaded after your contract is signed.)

These responsibilities apply to anyone who registers with Zalando.


Responsibilities of Registered and Unregistered Companies in the European Union

Bank Account Information:

EU Registered Firms: They must provide an IBAN number.

Firms Not Registered in the EU: They must provide an IBAN code, if not, they must provide an account name, SWIFT code and country code.


EU Registered Firms: Partners must have a local VAT registration in each country where sales are made or use One Stop Shop to fulfill their tax obligations. German VAT is mandatory for partners using ZFS.

Firms Not Registered in the EU: Using ZFS or choosing Partner Logistics, they must have a VAT registration in the country where the goods are stored in Europe, VAT at the place of establishment of the legal entity and OSS.



EU Registered Firms:

  • Choose the logistics method that best fits your business model
  • If you decide to do your own logistics instead of Zalando Fulfillment Service (ZFS), please Make sure you’re working with an approved carrier. You must offer free shipping and a 100-day return period.
  • Keep in mind that Slovenia, Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Croatia and Estonia are currently only available through ZFS and are excluded from partners being able to do their own logistics.


Firms Not Registered in the EU:

  • Partners that do not have a company in the European Union are required to use Zalando Fulfillment Service (ZFS) to deliver to their customers living in the European Union. It is mandatory to register an EU-based return address in any case.
  • Legal representation/importer/customs representation in the EU is mandatory for both ZFS and self-logistics to clear goods through customs.
  • If you decide to use your own logistics network instead of ZFS, Be sure to work with the carrier from the approved list at Note that free shipping and returns are mandatory with a 100-day return period.

European Union Legal Entity:

EU Registered Firms: No liability whatsoever.

Firms Not Registered in the EU:

  • An EU based company is mandatory for partners using their own logistics/CE labeled goods/Beauty sector. Otherwise, the contract can also be signed with non-EU organizations.
  • In order to pass the goods through customs, a legal representative/importer/customs representative must have customs clearance in the EU.


European Union Return Address

EU Citizens: Not mandatory.

Non-EU Registered Firms: ZFS is available for Business Partners who can provide a return address within Europe. Address is required for discontinued stock, end-of-season/unsold items, and faulty items.

In addition, Zalando generated a total of 7.9 billion euros in revenue in 2020 (Pandemic), of which 3.7 billion were from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and 4.2 billion from other European countries.

That’s all for the requirements to open a store in Zalando. We wish you many sales days!

Eren Çanga
Digital Marketing Specialist
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