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E-Export to the Netherlands

Bol.com e-commerce platform operates as an e-commerce site dominating the e-commerce marketplaces of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Following Amazon’s business model as an example, Bol.com managed to make a name for itself in the e-commerce market by establishing a subscription system similar to the “Amazon Prime” service with its service called “Select”. It has an average of 70 million visitors per month. It receives this traffic from the Netherlands, Belgium, England and France, respectively.

How to be Successful Seller on Bol.com

There are some metrics that you need to ensure customer satisfaction when selling on Bol.com.

Delivery on time

You must deliver at least 93% of your orders to customers on time. You will receive penalty points for at least 3 late deliveries within a week.

Seller Cancellation Rate

Cancellation of an order can be disappointing for a customer and therefore the cancellation rate counts within Bol.com service standards. If three or more items are canceled within a week and therefore the cancellation percentage is higher than 2%, you will receive a strike.

Tracking Number

Customers often like to know where their package is at any given time. You should increase customer satisfaction by providing a tracking number on every order.

Phone Availability

It is important that you respond to at least 90% of incoming call attempts Monday through Friday between 9:00 and 17:00. If you don't pick up the phone as a policy, this will result in a lower rating for you as the seller.

Customer Respond Time

Bol.com measures your response time. The platform expects each partner to answer 90% of customer inquiries within 24 hours. In order to provide customers with the best possible service, it is important that you inform them as completely as possible about everything you sell.

Return Rates

Customer return rate should be a maximum of 5%. You should make sure that your products reach the customers intact and completely. Customers can process a return within 30 days of ordering.


E-Export to the Netherlands

Reach new customers in Europe

Why Export to Netherlands ?

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The Netherlands realized an import of 600 billion dollars in 2020. It is also Turkey's 8th largest trading partner. Its income level is among the highest among European countries.

Why Bol.com ?

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Bol.com is the largest online marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium. By establishing a loyalty system similar to Amazon prime called "Select", it has ensured customer trust. Products in 20 different categories such as baby, beauty, personal care, pet, electronics and health can be sold on the platform. It also allows the sale of second-hand products.

Why Vezuve?

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  • Fullfilment Services in the Netherlands
  • Netherlands office
  • Many years of sales experience at Bol.com
  • Uninterrupted Customer Support
  • Clearance Support
  • Logistics Support
  • Cargo and packaging service for the Netherlands
  • Support to get EAN number

Selling Steps On Bol

1- Netherlands Market Research

Before starting to sell, we determine the suitability of your products for sale on bol.com. We also identify the audience that has the potential to buy your products.

2- EAN Barcode Numbers

We provide the necessary European Union compliant barcode numbers (EAN) to sell on Bol.com. The authorized institution to provide these barcodes in Turkey is GS1.

3- Store Opening

Thanks to our company in the Netherlands, we create your store without the need for you to establish a company in the Netherlands.

4- Listing the Products

We list your products in accordance with the Bol.com ranking algorithm and ensure that your products appear in the front rows. We also update your product images in accordance with bol.com policies.

5- Shipment of Products to Fulfillment Warehouses

After you put your products up for sale, we send them to our fulfillment center in the Netherlands. Here, your products are handled and stored at affordable prices.

6- Shipping and Customer Support

As your order arrives, your products are shipped with bol.com contracted companies. Delivery to your customers as soon as possible. We also manage your returns and customer support processes for you.

Bol.com Statistics



The Netherlands-based Marketplace, which has an average of 69 million monthly traffic, also attracts traffic from Belgium, England, France and Germany.


Social Media

Bol.com, which provides serious transformations from social media ads, is active on many social media platforms such as Youtube, Reddit, Whatsapp, Linkedin.


Customer Segmentation

45% of Bol.com customers are women and 55% are men. The largest customer base is in the 25-34 age group.



Marketplace sales reached $5.5B in 2021, an increase of 27%.


Business Model

Bol.com is a platform where both new and second-hand products are sold.



Products can be sold in 20 different categories, including baby, beauty and personal care, books, pets, electronics, health, office and school, sports, music, bags, toys, and gardening.

Important Requirements To Sell On Bol.com

By providing you with the best quality and correct service, we save you time and money.

Company in the Netherlands or Belgium

Normally, in order to be able to sell on Bol.com, at least 10 weeks must have passed since your company establishment in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Company bank account

Your company must have a bank account opened in the Netherlands.

Tax and business registry

You must be registered with the Dutch or Belgian Chamber of Commerce.

EAN Barcodes

Every product you want to sell must have unique EAN barcodes from GS1.

IOSS Number

By registering your company in the single taxation system of the European Union, you must have an IOSS number. In addition, your company must have an EORI number for your customs procedures.

Fulfillment center

When the order comes, you should be able to deliver your products to the customer as soon as possible. Your products must exit through an warehouse in the Netherlands. This warehouse should also be shown as your return address.

Customer Support Line

There will be customers who want to reach you from Bol.com. You should have a customer representative who will answer customers by phone between 09:00 and 17:00 on weekdays. You must answer at least 90% of calls.

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