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If you want to sell Toys on Amazon, you must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and Amazon policies required for your products and product listings.

Any toy you sell to children under 12 in the United States must meet the following standards.


1- ASTM F963-16 /-17 (Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety)

This certificate is not related to product quality or performance. It is related to all kinds of dangers that the toy may pose.
In short: Labeling requirements should be specified specifying the functional hazards (choking) and age range of the toy. Features such as sharp edges and open mechanisms should be minimized.
Bicycles, electric scooters, kites, crayons, etc., musical instruments are not included in this coverage.

2- Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

It is obligatory to issue the certificate. Manufacturer or Importer should issue it. In order to obtain the certificate, 3rd party laboratories are applied and the products are put under control. Laboratories do not give certificates, they only test for compliance.

The test results should verify that your toy has been tested according to the applicable requirements astm f 963-17 safety standard and other applicable cpsia standards such as the limit above. The packaging should contain images of the tested products, including age classification warning labels and a tracking label.

It is important to note that the information in the test reports and all packaging labels and pictures must match the information in the details of your products, such as the batch or work number or other identifying information and information explaining the origin of the toy.

This certificate must always be provided for the products. It is completely free. It does not require a US address or to be located in the US.


Obtaining Approval for Sale of Toys from Amazon after Certification

After obtaining the certificate, you must send the following information to the address of [email protected].

  1. Company name
  2. Vendor ID/Vendor ID
  3. E-mail address
  4. Phone number
  5. List of ASINs you are applying to sell
  6. Product Images and Manuals, as appropriate (images should include all relevant safety information, conformity markings and small parts, and choking hazard warnings)
  7. Child Product Certificate for ASINs you are applying to sell
  8. Test reports from a CPSC-accredited testing laboratory confirming that each product has been tested against the requirements of ASTM F963-17 (Toys), CPSIA (Lead, Phthalates), and Small Parts Warning for Children Under 12 Years.

You can reach the laboratories where Amazon accepts the tests from this link.

Also Laboratories in Turkey:

  • Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services,
  • EKOTEKS Laboratory and Surveillance Services
  • Eurofins Consumer Products Test Services A.S.
  • Intertek Testing Services Turkey
  • SGS Turkey – Supervision, Inspection, Inspection Services A.S.
  • TUV Rheinland Turkey
  • UL VS Laboratory Services Inc.



  • In Seller Central, select the Performance tab and select ACCOUNT HEALT.
  • In the lower right corner, under Manage your compliance, click Product Compliance Requests. Click.
  • Click Add/Appeal Compliance to add compliance or appeal for a single product. To add eligibility or objection for multiple products, select each product to the left of the product and click Action Selected Products above the product requirement table to make a selection on how you want to submit documents and information.
  • Provide Documents and information in the Provide Documentation section or provide the objection information and documentation in the Request to Appeal section.
  • Click the Submit for Approval button to submit your shipment for review by Amazon.

What Happens If The Process Isn’t Managed Correctly?

If you do not provide the required information by the applicable deadline, Amazon;

  • Removes related product listings
  • Does not allow you to add new products
  • Doesn’t make payments that are due to you
  • Legal action is taken

Note: Account Health Ratings are not affected by product compatibility submissions unless there is a policy violation.

Seyda Nur Erdoğan
Brand Specialist