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Export Consulting

Foreign trade is generally an Export Consultancy service established to provide support in all processes for companies to develop themselves in the export sector.

It helps companies that want to enter the export field in the new market opening process and is carried out smoothly. The demand for support in this sector is quite high.

What is Export Consultancy Service?

It is the support of manufacturers by using outsourcing for export. It is the outsourcing of export information that is not within its own expertise as an expert and professional Export Consultancy.

Why is the Export Department Necessary?

With the increase in exchange rates and raw material costs, exporting has become mandatory for manufacturers. Those who want to expand their business seriously should take part in the foreign market in order to open up to foreign markets and create the best version of their business/company.

Establishing an export department is a costly and long and complicated way. Vezuve Danışmanlık and other export consultancy companies were established to minimize these costs and minimize risks.

Advantages of Working with an Export Consultancy Firm

Many areas such as logistics, customs, sales, negotiation, online marketplaces are changing and developing day by day, and it is very difficult for those who are not in the sector to dominate in these changes. Selling in the country and selling abroad are completely different.

If you want to become a global brand, you should definitely get help from a consultancy firm. Firms with previous export experience may be familiar with most of the above-mentioned issues, but an export consultancy firm is officially a must for those who are new to exporting in terms of efficiency, minimization of costs, and professional work.

Vezuve E-Export Consultancy will provide you with the most efficient support in this regard with a professional and expert team.

What Should the Export Consultancy Company Do?

Many services are provided within the scope of e-Export consultancy. If we look at what these are,

  • Risk analysis should be done at the best level.
  • It should benefit from databases and B2B platforms.
  • It should dominate the foreign market.
  • You should follow the current world news closely.
  • Oral and written communication skills should be high.
  • Analytical thinking should always follow a solution-oriented path.
  • It should be worked with a professional team.
  • It should find potential customers, communicate correctly and transform into real customers.
  • The government has a great command of incentive supports and should continuously develop suggestions for its customers.
  • You should always work with a team that is open to self-development.

What is Required for E Export?

What is the Most Important Export Development Technique of Export Consultancy Firms?

Target Market Determination

Target Market Analysis is to find the appropriate marketplace when the product will be put up for sale.

  • There must be a marketplace where the product is in demand.
  • Which categories are sold the most should be examined.
  • Competitor stores should be analyzed and reported.

SWOT Analysis

Swot Analysis is to find the strengths and weaknesses of a project in the development process, to take precautions against the threats that may be encountered during this development process, and to manage the opportunities that we can benefit from.

Market Entry

When entering the market, it does not have to be a direct export. Methods such as distributorship, dealership, wholesaler, companies, agents or public tenders may be more appropriate for your product.

E export taxation

Import abbreviations and tax rates, since not every product can be sold in every country, some countries may not allow and limit the import of any product in order to protect its manufacturer. For this reason, the target market and our product should be investigated in detail in terms of harmonization, and the risks that may be encountered should be minimized.

Government incentives

Exporters constitute the segment that benefits most from government incentives. Most expenditures such as market research, trademark registration, warehouse and store rents are covered by government incentives. In this process, in order to be able to support clients, government incentives should be mastered and correct guidance should be given.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Another issue for export consultancy is that the customer can reach you, which is more important than finding customers. In order to achieve this, we create our customers’ social media accounts, make their subscriptions to B2B sites, and manage their advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube upon request.

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