Facebook and Instagram Ad Types

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s paid marketing system that offers a wide variety of ad types. It is a highly effective advertising system thanks to the various targeting options available to advertisers who convert more.

Thanks to this platform, it is possible to direct your ads to the right people by creating different audiences by mixing the interests, locations, genders, ages and many more options of your target audience.

These ads can be examined under 3 categories:

  1. Awareness
  2. Evaluation
  3. Conversion

The awareness stage consists of 2 options and determines how many people you want to reach and how often:

Brand awareness: It allows you to do a remarketing by putting your ads in front of customers who see your ads. For example you can show your ad to a user 2-3 times in a day.

Access: It allows you to show your ads to as many people as possible.


When we come to the evaluation stage, we are met with a little more options compared to the previous stage. In this section, we choose what type of interaction we want to have with our target audience:

Traffic: It allows you to increase traffic by directing users to your website, an app or Facebook page. You can also enable them to call you with one click.

Interaction: It allows you to get likes on your page, respond to your surveys, or increase your shares or feedback on your posts.

Application Downloads: If you have an app, it is used to encourage interaction to interact with it and then download it.

Video Views: It helps you to show your video ads.

Finding Potential Customers: Leverage forms, searches, and chats to gather information from people interested in your business.

Messages: It allows users to contact your company via WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram.

And in our last stage, Transformation, we decide what our conversion will be built on:

Conversion: Show your ads to people who are most likely to take action, such as buying something from your website or calling you.

Catalog Sales: It is used to promote and direct your products in your catalog to users in your target audience.

Store Traffic:The store you want to drive traffic is your physical store. It is the type of advertisement used to reach users who are close to your store and to invite them to your store.

After making these adjustments for our ad, the types of ads we can serve to users will be as follows:


Video Ads

Video ads can run as in-video ads on standard Facebook videos or in Stories and News Feed. Video ads can also take the form of short videos promoting your team or product, such as quick demo video ads.

Slide Ads

Slide ads have features just like videos, but the amount of data they use is 5 times less. Therefore, it is a good option for people with poor internet connection. It’s an easy but effective way to get attention.

Visual Ads

This type of ad can be a good way to get started with Meta ads. You can create this ad with just a few simple steps by selecting an image from your Facebook page and highlighting an existing post.

Carousel Ads

The carousel type uses a maximum of 10 images and (or) videos for the service or product you want to showcase. This type of ad is also frequently used in Pinterest ads.

You can use this type to show the different positive aspects of products more clearly and precisely. You can even split 1 image into parts and publish it as a single large image.

Survey Ads

This mobile-only ad type adds a dual-option poll to your image or video ad, maximizing engagement. You can add a separate link for each survey selection.

Everyone who responds to the survey, including you, will be able to see the percentage of the answers that were answered.

Instant Experience Ads

Instant Experience ads used to be called Canvas. Loading 15 times faster than a standard mobile website makes this full-screen ad type very accessible to the user.

Potential Customer Ads

These ads are specific to mobile devices only. It is specially designed to make it easy for people to give you their contact information without much hassle.

Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads allow you to promote targeted services and products to customers most likely to be interested in them.

For example, a customer visited your page and added a product to their cart, but then did not purchase this product. Dynamic ads allow you to show this product back to this customer in the Facebook feed.


Augmented Reality Ads

Augmented reality ads use features like filters and animations so Facebook users can interact with you.

For example, filters help users test how color variations of a lipstick will look on their lips or how a pair of glasses they like will look on their face.

This type of ad can also be used to expand your reach. Users can take selfies with these filters and then share them on their own pages.

Collection Ads

Again, this type of ad, which is only offered for mobile devices, is a type of ad that can display five images or videos that customers can interact with for the service or product to be purchased.

Collection ads match Instant Experiences and allow people to buy your product before they leave Facebook.

Story Ads

These ads are types of full-screen vertical video ads specific to mobile devices that viewers see with their screens upright, allowing your ad to occupy the largest possible area of the screen.

Messenger Ads

These ads help you reach the billions of people who use Messenger every month. While creating the ad, it will be enough to select Messenger and Facebook feed in the options.

Burak Can Toplar
Digital Marketing Specialist