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Amazon Influencer program helps you create your own identity on Amazon. Amazon Influencer Marketing; It works in a similar way to Amazon Affiliate. You earn on sales when customers visit your page and shop. The Amazon Influencer Program provides access to different tools than the Affiliate Program.

It is designed to send traffic from social media platforms using a product URL with the Amazon Influencer Program.

Hundreds of millions of products are sold on Amazon. It is very important that your products are seen by the right people and target audiences. But achieving this can be difficult. Influencer Marketing is one of the most logical ways to show people your product and expose them to your product. It’s important to work with audience influencers to share your brand’s products and promote products to specific buyers.

Amazon Influencer Marketing is a $1.7 billion industry on Instagram alone. 49% of consumers look to these influencers when deciding to buy a product.

What is Amazon Influencer?

They are content creators who offer suggestions about Amazon products on their social media channels to inspire their audiences. When you sign up for the Amazon Influencer Program, you have access to the tools you need to choose Amazon’s best products and services and promote them to your followers.


How to Work with Amazon Influencers

There are multiple ways and methods of working with influencers. These methods are:

  • Sponsored Post
  • Present
  • Special Discount Codes
  • Launch, meetups

What are the Benefits of Amazon Influencer Marketing for Businesses?

Influencers are a good choice for e-commerce brands looking to expand their reach, promote their brand and increase Amazon sales. If we list the benefits of Amazon Influencers to sellers;

  • It provides high interaction.
  • Affordable cost (varies according to the number of Influencer followers)
  • Easy access to the target audience (we can also say niche audience)
  • More conversion rates

has such benefits.


So what details should you pay attention to when making a deal with influencers?

First of all, we strongly recommend that you make a contract before starting work. Make an Influencer Marketing Agreement regardless of how short the lead time or how small the budget is. The points you should pay attention to are:

  • Specify the number of posts in the contract. Be sure to specify the duration of the posts and which link should be included in the posts.
  • Be sure to specify how much, how and when you will make the payment.
  • Take care that influencers prepare creative posts. The more creative original posts, the more attention, the more recycling.

Vezuve provides you with end-to-end marketing management during the Amazon FBA sales process.

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