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B2B Marketplaces That Can Be Used While Exporting

1- Alibaba

Alibaba is the leader of e-commerce on the B2B side. This platform, which was established in China, has spread all over the world over time and has started to receive customers from all over the world. Alibaba only allows sellers of a few countries other than Chinese sellers. One of them is Turkey. Our businesses in Turkey can create a new sales channel by opening an account on Alibaba. There are companies and products from almost all industries on Alibaba. In 2020, it had 779 million active customers. Thanks to the payment infrastructure developed by itself, it enables exporters to receive their payments easily and safely.



2- Indiamart.com

Based in India, this company is India’s largest online marketplace. It dominates approximately 60% of the market. There are product sales in many categories such as hospital equipment, food, automotive, clothing, industrial machinery. The website attracts around 70 million monthly traffic. There is also a panel where you can message the sellers.


3- Wlw.de

It is a B2B marketplace based in Germany. It has 700.000 visitors monthly. There are 2 membership options as Free and Premium. Sellers from Turkey are allowed in premium membership. It allows you to reach potential customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland by displaying your products. The machinery industry is a predominantly B2B marketplace.


4- Eworldtrade

It is a US-based B2B Import-Export platform established in 2006. The marketplace has 290 thousand active monthly visitors. 40% of the traffic comes from China, America, India and Turkey. In the marketplace, there are sellers and buyers from many sectors such as clothing, household goods, machinery, cosmetics and automotive. There are 5 different membership options in the marketplace. Membership plans that start at $399 per year reach up to $7999 when extra features are added. It has over 500,000 verified buyers.


5- Amazon Business

After Amazon became the undisputed leader of the business-to-consumer (B2C) market model in North America and Europe, it opened its wings to business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce. The Amazon Business marketplace, which was active in 2015 and continues to evolve every year, replaced Amazon Supply, Jeff Bezos’ first attempt to create a B2B marketplace for the US market. The platform is mostly geared towards business organizations that can pay for a Business Prime subscription tailored to their needs. Manufacturers who start selling on Amazon Business can send their products to Amazon’s warehouse and sell their products in bulk from there. In order to sell on Amazon Business, you must first create a professional Amazon seller account. Sales on Amazon Business are expected to reach $75 billion by 2023.


6- Kompass.com

Kompas is a global b2b marketplace based in France, where exporters and buyers come together. Kompass is also active in Turkey. The number of businesses selling from Turkey is also high. We recommend that you choose one of the paid packages in order to receive offers on kompass as free and paid membership packages. You can publish the images, technical details and catalogs of your products. It accepts suppliers from many sectors such as agriculture, electronics, construction, electronics, transportation, machinery. In 2020, it reached 36 million businesses and 118 million annual visitors. 78% of active firms are small and medium-sized producers. Visitors come mainly from France, Italy, India, England and Germany.



7- Europages.com

It was established with EUROPAGES to make their products visible beyond borders and to increase companies that want to be recognized on a global scale. In the marketplace with 15 different languages, you can be found here even when buyers from all over Europe are searching in their native language. After creating your company’s profile and uploading your products, buyers can reach you via e-mail or by phone. Your company profile is visible to anyone who searches on Google and will rank high in search results no matter what language your potential customers use. It is currently active in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, England, China and Russia. The marketplace also has a Turkish option. It is one of the marketplaces that Turkish companies use extensively.


port, ships, cranes-675539.jpg

8- Machineryline

Machineryline is an online b2b marketplace for companies operating in the construction equipment, construction machinery, mining machinery and parts sectors. The company’s goal is to bring together vehicle sellers and buyers around the world and make their interactions comfortable, productive and secure.

It has 5.5 million monthly active users. After creating your company profile in this marketplace, you should be at the forefront by advertising. 0 and 2nd hand machines are sold in the marketplace. Machinery line operates in many European countries. There is also a Turkish language option for Turkish sellers. Some of the vehicle groups sold are construction machinery, forklifts, mining machinery, airport equipment, municipal vehicles and agricultural machinery. There are customers and vendors from 80 different countries.



9- Thomas.net

It is an America-based B2B trading platform. Unlike other marketplaces, it also includes digital marketing, e-commerce, content design, SEO development companies in the service sector. Potential companies are listed for customers who write the product you want to buy on the platform. You can reach potential customers by registering your business here. The website has 2 million monthly visitors. This traffic mainly comes from USA, India, Canada, UK and China. There are over 500,000 businesses in the marketplace. 40% of the audience visiting the website is between the ages of 18-34 and 20% is between the ages of 45-54. Companies in the Space and Defense, Agriculture, Health Equipment, Mining and Communication sectors are mainly involved. After creating your business account, you should specify product images, technical information and contact information in detail. It is also possible to gain insights about potential customers using the Thomas Analytics tool.



10- Rakuten

The platform, which is the largest online marketplace in Japan, operates in 30 different countries. The marketplace has over 600 million monthly traffic. A large part of this traffic comes from Japan (90%) and the rest comes from countries such as America, France and Korea. It has over 1.6 billion members worldwide. The company’s annual revenue is at the level of 140 billion dollars. There are more than 65,000 active vendors on Rakuten. 70% of the customer base is male and 30% is female. It is possible to find products in every sector such as electronics, jewelry, clothing, home and office goods, travel, pets. It is also known as the Amazon of Japan.


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