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Etsy Purchase Protection Program (Seller Protection Program)

ETSY has created a new program for buyers and sellers to shop more securely. This program is Seller Protection Program.

So what is this new program “Purchase Protection” created by ETSY? Let’s examine it together in our blog.

It is a program that all sellers and buyers can benefit from ETSY Purchase Protection. There are certain conditions to benefit from this program.


We ship products abroad. You probably won’t run into a problem. However, sometimes things go wrong in this process. This is where the new program created by ETSY will come into play.

ETSY’s Purchase Protection Program will be effective after 1 August 2022.

Thanks to Purchase Protection, ETSY will refund you if there is a problem with the criteria included in the program for orders up to $250, including shipping and taxes.


  • If the package did not reach the recipient (lost during shipping)
  • If a damaged product is received by the buyer

In each of the 2 above, the Purchase Protection Program comes into play. In these 2 cases, ETSY will refund you and unpleasant situations will be avoided.



  • If the order exceeds $250, it will be excluded from the ETSY Purchase Protection Program.
  • ETSY will refund only the first loss or damage within one year.
  • In order to protect the sellers; ETSY will monitor whether buyers abuse this program. Buyers found to be abusing the program may lose access to ETSY Purchase Protection.


No action is required to participate in the ETSY Purchase Protection program. It is sufficient for the order to meet the criteria stated above.

But there are some points that sellers should pay attention to:

  • Your ETSY store should always be up to date and in good condition. You must fill out your store policies completely and apply them correctly.
  • The photos and descriptions you put on the product must be compatible. Otherwise, you may be excluded from the scope of this program.
  • We recommend using ETSY Payment, ETSY’s payment platform. If you do not use ETSY Payment, you will not be eligible for Seller Protection.
  • Take care not to violate any of ETSY’s policies.
  • When listing your products, be sure to include the estimated delivery date. Take care to deliver the product to the buyer according to the time you specified.
  • During the shipping process, take care to package of your product so that it reaches the buyer without damage.
  • The tracking number or the shipping label from ETSY must be entered in a timely manner.
  • You must send the order according to the address the buyer entered on ETSY. If the buyer wants to change the shipping address via message, we strongly recommend that you do not send to the address written by the message. Because you are excluded from the Seller Protection Program. You can request the buyer to cancel the order and place an order again with the address corrected.

NOTE: As we mentioned above, orders over $250 are not eligible for the ETSY Seller Protection Program. Therefore, we recommend that you have insurance when shipping your orders over $250.

Pınar Topal
Etsy Expert
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